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Is Full Time RV’ing For You/The Dark Side

Here We Go

In the past, I have talked about a lot of different pieces of the full-time puzzle. Things like health care, living in small spaces, financing your travel, and how often and far you will travel. Today I want to back it up and talk about everything that leads up to you making your final decision. Believe me, it’s not an easy one. Full-time RV’ing is not for everyone.

In order to cover everything and not have it turn into a two-hour read, I have decided to break this up into 2 parts. The first part I will give you some things you should think about and tell you the reasons it would not work for you and why you should not go full time. Next week I will cover the exact same topics and tell you the reasons why you should full time and how to show you ways you can make those things work.

Wait For Both Parts

You can then take both parts and decide on your own if full-timing sounds right for you. After the next week, you will have plenty of material to jump-start your thought process. Remember, only you can decide what’s right for you.

You can always use this site for your research as I am updating it constantly. I will also give you the good, the bad, and the ugly. Just as living in sticks and bricks is not always double rainbows, neither is full-time RV’ing. Feel free to post up any questions or comments you may have in the comment section below. You can also always shoot me an email.

The School Of Hard Knocks

I would have to assume that years ago there were not a lot of places that you can go to research this subject. You either wanted to do it or didn’t. If you wanted to do it you made the leap and learned from the school of hard knocks. Today there are groups and organizations dedicated to helping people keep those “hard knocks” to a minimum. I will cover some of those resources next week.

Let’s get started. The first thing you should ask yourself is “why”. Why do you want to give up a steady job, a house, friends, kids and grandkids and all your local conveniences like barbers, mechanics, churches, Doctors, etc?

Read My Past Blogs

Those things should not be taken lightly. You really need to spend some time thinking about that. Chris and I talked extensively for about a year or more before we decided to make the leap. If you have read some of my past blogs or “about us” page you will know that we basically stumbled upon this lifestyle by accident. An article popped up on an AOL newsfeed about a couple that was doing it and it piqued my interest. More on that next week.

Let’s start breaking down some of your “whys”. Remember this is the negative week. I will give you the downsides to each topic. Make sure you read next week’s positive side so you will make an informed decision. I don’t want to talk you out of this before you even start…lol.

Your House

Your House– Let’s start with your house. Why would you want to give up your house? Are you the type of person who loves to entertain? Is your backyard set up for weekend parties? Do you like to take really long hot showers? What about space? Do you like having a lot of space to move around in? How about a garage? A House is also much more stable in severe storms than RV’s.

Typically an RV does not do well in severe storms. Forget about a long hot shower. Most RV’s have 6-gallon hot water heaters. That does not make for a long shower. Another shower issue is water pressure. Generally, you will not have very much. Do you like to tinker around in the garage? Oh wait, you won’t have one. I hope you are not claustrophobic. There is less than a quarter of the space in your RV than you will find in a house. I hope you get along with your spouse/partner. See my blog on “living together in an RV“.

With your home, you have a permanent and legal address. If you live in an RV, where will you call home? Where will you get your mail delivered to? What about your license and car registrations? Where will you have them set up? You must have a permanent address to be “legal” in this country. How will you do that with no house?

Kids and Grand Kids

Kids– If your kids are of school age, they have a school they go to each day. Where would they go if you lived in an RV and moved around all the time? If they are older and living on their own, they might live local to you and you are used to popping in to visit. That would be pretty hard to do if you are halfway across the country. The same goes for grandkids. This topic is one of the top reasons I have heard people say they will never full time.


Jobs– Right now you may have a good-paying job with time off and benefits. Why would you want to leave that? If you need time off you fill out a slip and get your time off. You probably will get paid for that time off. You will not find that with most workamping jobs. You are expected to be there on your scheduled workdays. If you are sick, you will not get paid. If you are out for an extended period of time, you will have to make up those hours or possibly pay for your site the days you did not work. They also pay around minimum wage.


Financials- This goes along with jobs but I did want to mention one thing. Since you will be more than likely workamping for minimum wage, you will not be able to pay off large amounts of debt. Just as if you were living in a house, you will still need to have money put aside for a rainy day.

In a house, you have maintenance and repairs to do but hey, you’re making the big bucks so no problem. RV’s have issues all the time. You have to remember when your RV is your home and you are moving from one location to the next, it’s like your home is in an earthquake each and every time you travel. Things will loosen and break.


Taxes-What about taxes? You probably have a tax guy or CPA that you trust and go to every year. Most of the time your taxes are straightforward. You work at one job, get a W-2, and file your taxes for the state you live in. What will you do on the road? Who will you go to? What state will you file your taxes in? Remember, you might work in multiple states. Now what?

Insurance- You probably have homeowners insurance on your house. You might even have your vehicles bundled in to receive a discount. In sticks and bricks, it’s usually straightforward. Not so much in an RV. What would you do if disaster strikes? Are you covered?

Is RV’ing Free?

Maybe you have too much debt. Let me say that jobs, income, and family are the biggest reasons that people decide not to full-time RV. Contrary to what some people might believe it does cost money to live this lifestyle. You can control some things but not everything. While we are talking about financials let me bring up one more thing.


Banking- All banks require a permanent address for you to open an account. If you live in an RV and move from place to place banks can be a little leary to deal with you. Do you need a loan? Most of the time if you show you have been at a job for a year or two and have fairly good credit, you will most likely get it. If you workcamp and are constantly moving and changing jobs good luck getting a loan no matter what your credit score is.

Local Businesses

Local Businesses– Do you need a haircut? Your barber or hairdresser might be right around the corner. You may have been going to them for years. You trust them. What will you do when you are constantly in a new area? Who would you trust? The same goes for mechanics, grocery stores, places of worship, and restaurants. How will you know the good ones while out on the road?


Medical– Another hot topic. Right now you probably have a primary dr, dentist, and pharmacy. What will you do on the road? How will you know who to trust? What about medical insurance? If you leave your job you will probably lose your medical insurance. Now what?

Ok, so far I covered jobs, money, and kids. Are you still with me or have I scared you half to death? Don’t give up yet. Remember that next week I will take each of these negatives and show you the positive side of it. I will include places you can turn to for your research and explain our thought process on each item.

Don’t Panic!!!. The Good Side Is Coming Next Week!!!

The purpose of this two-part series is to make you look at both the good and the bad. Everything in life has a good and bad side. You just need to be aware of both.

Most people who blog put up only the good things. The beautiful sunrises or sunsets, the campsites by the ocean, or the awesome pictures of wildlife and beautiful parks. That could definitely be part of your life but it won’t be every day. There are things that go wrong too. Sometimes very wrong.

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