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Turtle Wax Your Toilet

This tip was given to me by one of the campers at the campground we are staying at. I don’t know how effective it is but it made sense to me so I will share it.

Only For Porcelain Toilets…I Think

This is only if you have a porcelain toilet in your RV. Drain the water completely out of your toilet. Wax the entire interior of the bowl with Turtle Wax. Refill the bowl with water. According to the camper that gave me this tip, once your bowl is waxed with Turtle Wax (I guess any wax will work) cleaning any stains on the interior of the bowl will become super easy and will wipe right off.

Hey, it sounds good in theory, right? Let me know if you have tried this and if it actually works.

We Hope This Helps.

Dinner Table Or Coffee Station

Coffee Station

I don’t know about you but we found ourselves never eating at our table. As a matter of fact, the table became a huge junk collector. On the other hand, we love coffee in the morning and tea at night. With limited counter space what are we supposed to do?

Bye Bye Heavy Table & Chairs

We had purchased a Lifetime Camping folding/adjustable table for those times when campgrounds do not have a picnic table. We loved it. It’s sturdy and folds up nice and flat. That got us thinking. Why not get rid of the heavy kitchen table and chairs and replace it with our folding table? We can put a tablecloth over it and use it underneath for storage.

Multi-Purpose & Much Lighter

Then we can also put the Keurig, teapot, and printer on the table!!! Not only did it work great, but it’s also much lighter than the original table and chairs. As full-timers, we are always looking to lighten things up!!!

We Hope This Helps.

Is Your A/C Doing Its Job

Dirty Filter

Probably one of the most overlooked maintenance items in your RV is your A/C filter. Being one of the cheapest to replace we find this very interesting. More than likely you are camping somewhere warm. Maybe a little too warm. You crank up the A/C and you’re good to go. Right? Maybe.

They Fall Apart After A Few Cleanings

Pretty nasty right? It does not have to be. There are a couple of easy solutions to this. You could either blow/vacuum/wash this filter and put it back in or replace it with a new one. We found after a few cleanings they tend to start to fall apart so we always keep new ones on hand. They are super cheap and could not only keep you breathing a little cleaner air but it also improves the efficiency and life of your A/C Unit.

We hope this helps.

Need More  Shower Storage?

A lot of RV’s give you a little shelf or two to put your shower stuff. Shampoo, soap, brushes, facial scrub, conditioner, well you get the idea. Where are you going to put all this stuff? We have the perfect solution. it’s called a Hanging Mesh Closet Organizer. It works perfectly!!! Because it’s mesh it does not collect water!!!

For about $10 it’s a no-brainer!!! Now go ahead and get yourself organized for that shower!!! We hope this helps.

We hope this helps!!!

Making Some Room On The Countertop

Paper Towel Holder

Do you find yourself moving things from your counter to the table or anywhere else for that matter to make room for your food prep? Then when you are all done you need to move it all back? What about having your paper towels sitting on the counter and you spill some water? Uh oh, the paper towel roll is now soaked and unusable.

Under $10

How about buying an under the cabinet paper towel roll holder. They are generally about $10. You can mount it under the cabinets and clear up some counter space!!! Don’t be afraid to mount it under the cabinets. Your RV cabinets are probably the most solid part of your RV!!!

Update: We loved our kitchen one so much, we bought a second one for the outside kitchen!!!

We hope this helps.

Where Am I Going To Put These Pans?

Pans in the oven

Did you ever wonder where you can put your misc pots and pans? After all, once you go food shopping and put your groceries away there is usually no room for anything else. For those of you with ovens and microwaves, I have a solution!!!

Not Getting A Turkey In There

Use your oven for all your misc pans that need a home.  RV ovens may not be big enough for the family turkey on Thanksgiving but it will certainly be big enough for some misc pans.

Also, Use The Microwave

If your RV has a microwave, you can use that for storage also. Our oven fits all our pans that don’t fit into the cabinets so we can use our microwave for things like bread, rolls, or our flour tortillas wraps. If your oven isn’t big enough for all your pans, no worries you still have the microwave!!!

We hope this helps.

Saving Money With Hot Water

Propane Switch

This year has brought some crazy weather all over the USA. Record-breaking highs, lows, and storms. Most full-timers and snow-birds are tucked in down south by now. The thing is, even though you might be down south, you could easily be seeing colder than normal temperatures.

Not Workamping

Most times we plan to be workamping but things didn’t work that way this winter so we are relaxing and exploring instead. When you workamp, you get your electric (or an allowance towards) and your propane (or discounted propane) included with your site.

Paying For Everything

When you are not workamping you pay for everything. Unless you are independently wealthy, you will need to save money wherever you can. One way we have found to save money is by conserving our propane. The way we do it is by regulating our hot water heater. 

The Cycle Goes On

Unless it’s super hot outside where you are right now (if it is, please let me know where you are…lol), the hot water in your hot water heater tank is constantly cooling off which means your burner is constantly kicking on to heat that water back up. This cycle goes on whether you are sleeping or out for the day.

No Reason For Hot Water While Sleeping

There is really no reason to have hot water while you sleep or when you are not home so why not turn off your hot water heater at night and when you are not home. It seems like only a small saving but over the course of a winter season, it could really add up. The same principle works even if your heater runs on electricity. Instead of saving propane, you will save on your electric bill. Just don’t forget to turn it back on before you jump in the shower the next morning!!!… lol

Where Am I Going To Put All This Stuff?

So where are you stuffing your extra sheets, towels, blankets these days? Many RV’s do not have “Linen” closets. We do not have any bunks in our RV but the couch pulls out into a bed. Every now and then someone will visit and spend the night. This causes a little problem. Where do we put the sheets and blankets for this bed?

Remember The Couch?

If you’re like most people, you are always looking for more ways to store stuff in your RV. We found a place we can stuff some of those extra sheets and blankets. Remember that couch I mentioned a few minutes ago? Most RV’s have the fold-out couches. Well, there is a ton of storage under them!!! We fold up our extra sheets, blankets, pillows, and some other stuff and put them in plastic bags. We then lift open the couch and place the bags underneath neatly. Problem solved!!! It works awesome!!!

We hope this helps.

Where Am I Going To Put Our Collection?

Shotglasses On Slide 1

Do you like to collect things? We like to collect shot glasses from the different states we have been to. The problem is, where do you put them? When you are in an RV you have limited space at best. You try and use every inch of open space.

You Will Need A Slide

Sorry, but this tip will only work if you have a slide in your RV. We found that there was a lot of open space on top of the slide when it was extended. If you collect shot glasses (like us) or any other small objects like sea-shells, small decorative candles (do not light them!!!), model cars or trucks, or anything else like that the top of the slide is the perfect spot.

You Will Need To Pack Them Up

When we are ready to move on down the road to the next location, we pack them in a tub with a newspaper. It takes only a few minutes to pack and unpack them but looks great while they are up.

We hope this helps.

Notes To Self

U Brand 11X14
Our Dry Erase Board

Have you ever wanted to do something during the day but completely forgot to do it? How about groceries? Did you ever say to yourself “the next time I go shopping I need ???). What about goals? Do you set goals to accomplish during the day and then forget what they were?

A Dry Erase Board Can Help

I have a simple solution. Get a small dry erase board and hang it somewhere in your RV. Then you can write notes to yourself for each day. You can also put emergency contact info about your campground. Things like the address, site#, county, any entry codes for restrooms or club-houses, emergency phone numbers can all be put on it. Most people panic and forget things like site #s during an emergency. If you write it on the board, it will be right in front of you while you are on the phone.

The best part is once your note is outdated, just erase it and make room for the next note!!! We purchased ours on Amazon for under $10. Amazon has a great selection of them. It is 11″ X 14″ and fits perfectly on the refrigerator!!!

We hope this helps

Save Your Quarters

Dryer Tree

Unless you have a washer and dryer in your RV, laundry can be an annoying and expensive chore. Washing is usually not so bad but then you have to start pumping quarters in the dryer. Some campground dryers are too hot and some are barely hot enough leaving you guessing on just how many quarters you will need. After pumping the quarters in, now you either have to sit around and wait or set a timer so you remember to go back. If you forget, you just might find your clothes in a big messy pile on the counter when you get back.

Save Some Money & Have More Fun

If you want to save some money and give yourself more time to have fun you can dry your own clothes, for free!!! Invest in an adjustable shower rod and hang it across your shower or use a drying tree (shown in picture). Set up your adjustable rod or tree in your shower and hang your clothes on it. Let them air dry!!!. Your cost for air =$0. On top of that, you’ll have more time to do something else, like have fun!!!

We hope this helps!!!

How To Keep Your RV Cool

Foil In Window

Oh, baby, it’s hot out!!!. The temps here have been hovering around 100 degrees. The bigger problem is the sun. When it comes around in the afternoon, the sun blazes right through 4 of our windows. Even with our shades down, we were running temps (on the inside of the shade) at over 110 degrees!!! We only have one 15K BTU A/C. It really struggles to keep the inside of the RV cool. 

We Tried An Experiment

So what do we do? Well, we tried an experiment. We took pieces of cardboard and lined them with aluminum foil. We then took the Aluminum foil-lined cardboard and stuck them in the window. Within minutes the temperature came down (on the inside of the shade) about 15 degrees. That’s on each shade!!! 

Does Not Look Pretty

Now I know it does not look all that pretty, but hey it works. Instead of the cardboard and aluminum foil, you can use something called Camco 45167 Sunshield Reflective door and window cover. It looks better than the cardboard and works just as well or better. You can also swap out your shades to darker /thicker ones.

100 Degrees Is Hot!!!

Don’t get me wrong, 100+ degrees is going to be a struggle for any RV with only one A/C. But if you take some steps to keep the sun out of it, your a/c will struggle much less to keep you cool. 

What do you guys do to help keep your RV cool? If you have any good tips I have not thought of, leave them in the comment section below.

We hope this helps.

Plastic Containers Are Your Friend

Plastic Storage Containers

You’re all set up at the campground for your long-awaited 2-week vacation. As you sit outside sipping your favorite beverages unwanted friends are inside eating your food.

Remember, you are camping outside and one with nature. That means if nature happens to sniff out some yummy Apple Jacks cereal, it won’t be long before the inside of your RV is overrun with ants. Hey, they gotta eat too!!!

Here’s What Worked For Us

Here’s something that has worked for us. Anything food-wise that we open, we empty from the bag or carton and put into airtight plastics storage containers. This way our ant friends won’t smell our chips, pretzels, and/or any other open food and they will head down to the next campsite until they find someone who has not read this tip!!!

We hope this helps to make your next trip a bug free one!!!

I Need To Hang My Hats/Any Ideas?


There are a few ways you can secure things on the walls of your RV. The first way is to use nails or screws. If your anything like me you would probably put the nail or screw right through a wire or piece of plumbing. You also have the option of glue. Again, if you’re like me you will wind up gluing your fingers to the wall.

What About Velcro?

You can also use velcro. The problem with velcro is you need to glue the velcro to the wall and you know what I just said about me using glue. If you’re not like me and you are pretty good with glue, you can try velcro.  Velcro works pretty well but if you change your mind and want to remove it, the glue will stay behind on the wall. 

Get Those Items Off The Floor!!!

So how am I going to get those hats off the floor and on the walls? What about my robe or a towel. I say command strips!!! They are great for keys also!!! We have used them with great success. They come in different strengths and leave no mess on the wall if you decide to take them off. It sounds like a winner to me!!!

Have you used command hooks? How have they worked for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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