RV Classifications

In Truck Camper

In Truck Camper

This type of camper does not fit in either the Drivable or towable type of RV. It is a unit that literally slides into the back of a pickup truck. Because it fits onto a pickup truck, this set up is great for those who love to fish or hunt. Depending on the weight of the camper and type of truck you have, you might even have a little capacity left to tow a small trailer behind you.

The bigger ones have many of the same amenities you would find in other bigger RVs, just scaled down to a smaller size. I have even started to see some of the newer ones come with slideouts!!! They can also be taken out of the truck at a campsite at mounted on stands so you can leave it at the campsite as you drive around. This will save you gas as now your truck will be lighter.


Since it fits on a pickup truck, you have more options to head off-road or on the beach.


All your amenities are scaled down to size
Almost no storage

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