Ichetucknee Springs State Park


Ichetucknee State Park is located in Fort White Florida and consists of 2, 241 acres. The park has a North and South entrance and will set you back $6 to enter. The website states the South gate is closed from Memorial Day through Labor Day but I believe it’s the North Gate that is closed during that time period.

If you are tubing and have your own tubes or rented from an outside vendor, you go to the North entrance, drop off your passengers and tubes, and drive back to the South Entrance to park.

There is hiking, picnicking, snorkeling, canoeing, swimming, and scuba diving available at this park. There is also a General Store providing food, drinks, and outdoor products for purchase. A tram will take you between the 2 parts of the park. There are bathroom facilities on both ends of the park.

General Store

Since we went in the off-season, we were able to drive between the 2 different entrances. We hiked all the trails and of course did some Geocaching while we were there. See our Geocaching page.

Our first trip to the park was to the South Entrance. We chatted with the attendant in the General Store and head out onto the trails. We saw the tram cars sitting there but I’m not sure if they run in the off-season. There is ample parking (at least for the off-season) at this entrance.

MidPoint Trail

Our first trail was the Mid-Point trail. It was a fairly wide trail that winded its way down to a boardwalk. The boardwalk led to views of the Ichetucknee River. This trail is not a loop so you will have to head back the same way you came in.

Mid Point Trail

Dampier’s Trail

As we head back on the MidPoint trail, we ran into the Dampier’s Trail. That trail is a short walk that leads to another boardwalk and dock that has more views of the river. The docks on both the MidPoint and Dampier’s trail have some great photo ops. I believe you can load tubes/kayaks from the dock on the Dampier’s trail.

North Entrance

Over to the North Entrance. This entrance has a much smaller parking lot. It serves as the drop off for tubing and passengers during the peak season. This is also where you can pick up the tubes/canoes you rented. There is a swimming area, bathrooms, and picnic area near the parking lot.

The Blue Hole Trail

Blue Hole Trail

The first trail we did on this side was the Blue Hole. You start out on a wooden walkway. Once off the walkway, you wind around until you get to the actually Blue Hole. If you are certified in cave diving, you can scuba dive here. This trail is not a loop so you will have to head back the same way you came in. You will wind up back near the parking lot.

Head Spring Geocache

We then took a walk past the swimming area and checked out the tube/kayak rental area and launch site. There was a short nature trail here. Hey, what do you know? There was a Geocache here!!!

We came back a second time because we still had 1 (which turned out to be two) trail left to go. Again, we parked at the north entrance parking.

Trestle Point and Pine Ridge Trail

Trestle Point & Pine Ridge Trail

We head out to hit the Trestle Point and Pine Ridge Trail. We were not disappointed. Not only were these cool trails to do, but we also found another Geocache!!!

This park has easy trails to navigate, great water views, Geocaching, and awesome scenery. If you come in the off-season as we did, you will have a nice relaxing time. If you come during the peak season, I understand this park can have some hefty lines to enter.



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