How To Transport Your Motorcycle


Getting your motorcycle from point A to point B is usually pretty easy and straightforward. You just get on it and ride to where you are going. Simple, right? What if you only have a limited time to do a trip? What if you are camping? Where will it fit on/in the RV? We all know that when we ride, we often take longer to get from point A to point B. Whether you are sightseeing, taking scenic roads instead of interstates, or just plain relaxing and enjoying the ride.

Making A Turn

I am going to take different scenarios and show you a few different ways you can get your bike from point A to Point B. Whether you own an RV or not. Have no fear, you have options.

Let’s look at the 1st and what I think is the easiest scenario. You ride it there!!! See, that was easy…lol.


Seriously though, as I stated earlier you might be tight on time or just don’t want to drive a million miles of interstate. Maybe you just want to drive the scenic roads in the area your going to. Maybe you are going to a Rally and just want to ride the Rally rides.

Whatever your reasoning is you have some options. If you have a pickup truck and your bike fits in the bed, you can load it on the truck, tie it down and go. You can either ride it up a nice set of ramps or look for a hill, back your truck up next to the hill and ride across a ramp onto your truck. Another option is to do what I did. Purchase a lift for your truck. I went with the second option. I will get into that option a little later on.

No Pick-Up Truck?

If you don’t own a pickup truck, you can have a hitch installed on your car or SUV and either buy or rent a trailer. You can hook most motorcycles trailers to almost any car. Just be sure to check the towing and weight capacities of your vehicle and match them to the trailer and bike. You can choose an enclosed or open trailer. You just trailer it to your hotel and unload. Your car and trailer will sit at the hotel, and you can ride all the local and scenic roads in the areas.

When your time is up and it’s time to go home, you load up the trailer and off you go. It’s pretty straightforward. My only advice would be to make sure you lock your trailer to your car. If for some reason you must separate the car and trailer, always use some kind of hitch lock.

Truck And Camper At Southhaven Park

Now for the RVs. Those who travel with RVs have options too. I will start with our situation first. We live in our RV full-time. We have a pickup truck and a Travel Trailer. Unlike a 5th Wheel, our RV hooks up to a hitch behind the truck, not in the bed. So, what are our options? I will give you a hint. They are similar to the above situation of someone with a pickup truck. Remember I said earlier if you own a pickup truck that the bike fits into the bed, you can load it on the truck?

YouTube Fail Video

But How? I will tell you what. We decided very early on that we were not going to get a ramp and ride it up onto the truck. I can see myself on that You-Tube fail video now…lol. I am also not going to look for hills to back up to everywhere I go so I can cut the angle of the ramp down. Our Solution was a lift. After researching different types of lifts, we decided to go with the Rampage Motorcycle Lift. We ordered it online and had it shipped to my buddy’s shop. They installed it and it has worked absolutely awesome for us. I am not going to lie. There was a bit of a learning curve. I watched the video a million times. To this day, It doesn’t go as smoothly as in the video but it works…lol.

Bike Halfway Up Rampage Lift
Oops! Almost Got The Pipes. I Had To Add A Piece Of Wood Under The Tire For This One

So that is a great option for anyone with a pickup truck who wants to take their bike on vacation with them. Whether you own a Travel Trailer or you are staying in a hotel, it’s a great option.

Loaded On Truck
Loaded and ready to be tied down

What if you own a Fifth Wheel? Now what? A Fifth wheel RV hooks into the back of the pickup truck bed so a motorcycle lift will not work. Some states allow triple towing so you could hook a small trailer behind the fifth wheel and tow it that way. Of course, you will need to know what states allow triple towing and what states don’t. That’s kind of a hassle.

Your best option if you own a Fifth Wheel and want to take your motorcycle along with you is to buy a Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel.  That way you ride it right into the RV, tie it down, and you’re off. By the way, they do make Travel Trailer Toy Haulers also.

What About Motorhomes?

So far we have covered riding your bike, trailering your bike, putting it on the back of a pickup truck, and buying a Toy-Hauler RV. Last but not least is the Motor Home. Whether it be a Class C or Class A.

You can actually buy both Class C’s and Class A’s in toy hauler versions although they are not all that popular. I have even seen Class A’s that fit small cars in them.

Class C’s Can Generally Tow Up To 5000 lbs

The best option for a Class C is to trailer your bike behind it. The design of this RV does not allow a whole lot of weight for a lift to be added to the rear of this vehicle. When we were searching for an RV, we were seriously looking at Class C’s. We were going to buy an enclosed trailer to tow the bike with. The problem becomes when you get to a campground, it becomes a hassle to find a spot for the trailer. More & more RV parks have limited spots that will fit both your RV and trailer, and they will make you park it in an overflow lot away from your site, and some even charge extra!!!

2 Bike Trailer
I saw this set up at the KOA in Amarillo Texas

If you own a Class A, you have the same trailer option as the Class C. Most Class A’s (especially Deisel pushers) can tow a lot of weight behind them. This would enable you to tow an enclosed or open trailer with a car and bike. Once again, you would have to make sure the RV park you are going to has a spot for your trailer.


I have seen big expensive Diesel Pushers towing huge trailers filled not only with motorcycles but a car and golf carts with matching paint schemes!!! That is a very expensive set-up and out of reach for most of us. If you happen to win the lottery this can be a good set-up…lol.

Hydra Lift
Pictured Above is a Typical Lift For The Back Of A Class A

Since Class A’s are built on heavy-duty chassis, there is another option for hauling your bike. You can install a lift on the back of the motorhome. They come in electric and hydraulic versions. This is a popular option for a lot of Motorhomes. You can load your bike up and still hook up a car. You have the best of both worlds.

I am sure there are some people who have homemade carriers of their own that I have not covered. Since we have been on the road, I have seen some of the weirdest and coolest set-ups. I am sure as time goes on and situations change, people will come up with more options.

If I happen to see a set-up I have not mentioned here, I will update the page to reflect it.

In the meantime, whatever your situation may be, just know you have options.

Ride Often/Ride Safe

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