How To Submit Your Ride

We have listed a bunch of rides that we have done in our All About Motorcycle page. If you are looking for a ride, all you need to go to the All About Motorcycles page and scroll down to Scenic Rides.

Now we want to give you, the reader, the chance to show us your rides

If you have a cool ride that you would like to share, just email us at

and we will post it for you. It’s as simple as that.

We Take Care Of Everything

Just email us or put it in a Goggle Doc (don’t forget to make it shareable) your ride with a picture or two you would like to include and we will take care of posting it to the site. If you would ever like it removed for any reason just send us an email and we will delete the ride and any pictures associated with it.


When you email us or use Goggle Doc please make sure to include the following:

  • The Name You Gave The Ride
  • The City and State The Ride Is In
  • A description of the ride. You do not need to give a turn by turn description. Just a good overview so if someone wanted to do the ride they would have enough information to put it together.
  • If you would like credit for the ride include your name (either first or first & last, your choice). If you are open to someone e-mailing you questions about your ride, include an e-mail address. If you do not specifically say to include an e-mail address we will not include it. If you don’t want your first name used we will just use “anonymous.”
  • Make sure you have personally done the ride. Please don’t copy and paste from another site if you haven’t done it yourself. We would like to know your personal opinion about how the ride was.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comment section below or email us at:

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