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How To Keep Your RV Cool


Oh, baby, it’s hot out!!!. The temps here have been hovering around 100 degrees. The bigger problem is the sun. When it comes around in the afternoon, the sun blazes right through 4 of our windows. Even with our shades down, we were running temps (on the inside of the shade) at over 110 degrees!!! We only have one 15K BTU A/C. It really struggles to keep the inside of the RV cool. 

So what do we do? Well, we tried an experiment. We took pieces of cardboard and lined them with aluminum foil. We then took the Aluminum foil-lined cardboard and stuck them in the window. Within minutes the temperature came down (on the inside of the shade) about 15 degrees. That’s on each shade!!! 


Now I know it does not look all that pretty, but hey it works. Instead of the cardboard and aluminum foil, you can use something called Camco 45167 Sunshield Reflective door and window cover. It looks better than the cardboard and works just as well or better. You can also swap out your shades to darker /thicker ones.

Don’t get me wrong, 100+ degrees is going to be a struggle for any RV with only one A/C. But if you take some steps to keep the sun out of it, your a/c will struggle much less to keep you cool. 

Roll Of Reflectix

What do you guys do to help keep your RV cool? If you have any good tips I have not thought of, leave them in the comment section below.

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