How High Are You?


This tip is actually very important and should really be done as soon as you buy your RV and bring it home. Your tip this week is to know your RV height!!!. Knowing your RV height can possibly save you some from pretty embarrassing and expensive moments. Do not trust the dealer. Do your own measurements. Take your time and make sure they are accurate.

There are a couple of ways that you can measure your height. The first way you can do yourself. The second way, you will need an assistant. You might even want to do both and compare the measurements to make sure they match. Accurate measurements are a must.

A Couple Of Ways To Accomplish This

Method 1 #1– Climb up on the roof and find the highest point on the RV. It could be the A/c, antenna (floppy antenna’s don’t count but fixed ones do) or anything else that sticks up and is not flexible. Once you find the highest point, measure from the top of the point to the low point on the roof. Once you have that measurement, Measure from the roof to the ground. Add the 2 together and you have your height.

Method #2–  This method will take 2 people. Find a long and straight item. A pole, piece of wood, or anything like that. Climb up on the roof and hold the item on top of the highest point making sure it hangs over the edge of the RV. Have the second person measure from your straight item hanging over the roof to the ground. That is your height.

If you have a pull-behind trailer, you will need to measure on flat ground while hooked to your tow vehicle. The bridges and canopies of the country thank you. Your roof and a/c unit also thank you. Now get out and enjoy camping!!!

We hope this helps.

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