How Do You Deal With Time Zone Differences?

Time Zone Challenges

We have arrived in Arizona. It’s hot but at least it’s dry. After dealing with possibly the rainiest summer ever and then rain our whole way out here, the sun is most welcome.

We have never been to Arizona so we are expecting to have a blast while we’re here. Since we spent the last 3 weeks on the road traveling, we need to get organized and catch up on some website work before we go out exploring.

We have made a list of some of the maintenance items we need to take care of on the RV, ordered the parts, got my (notice I say my, Chris refuses to get one) flu shot. We have stocked both the outside and inside the fridge and set up a mail delivery from our mail service St Brendan’s Isle. 

Shameless Plug

Just a quick note, St Brendan’s Isle has handled our mail for the last 2 years without incident. We even secured our Florida residency through them. They are awesome to deal with. If you have any questions about mail service or residency through St Brendan’s Isle, feel free to contact us using the link below. If you decide to eventually use them, tell them Dennis & Chris #11690 sent you!!!

Contact Us

Anyway, now that we are settling in and getting settled, we find ourselves constantly running into the same problem over and over. The timezone difference!!! We are from the east coast. We are used to the Eastern Time Zone times. Everything we know and do is based on these times…lol

All Nighter- Never Again!!!

First of all, we pulled an all-nighter to get here (check out that post here) so we were pretty tired after we got the initial set-up done. We knew it would be an early night. Well, the sun goes down pretty early here. A little while after the sun went down I told Chris I was going to bed. She burst out laughing. 

You’re Going To Bed When?

I was a little confused so I asked her why she was laughing. She pointed to the clock and said it was only 7 pm!!! What? To me, it was 10 pm!!! It took me 2 more nights after that to start staying up until 10 pm!!!…lol. I am back to normal now but wow, that was weird.

Forget about the sleep issues it seems every time we turn around whether it’s to make a call to family, follow up with something involving customer service, or even watch TV, we are getting screwed up. 

I Think She May Be Sleeping

The other day Chris went to call her daughter. I said to her, what are you doing? She said calling my daughter. I said do you realize it’s 11 pm and she’s probably sleeping? You see by us, it was only 8 pm.

We are not really into sports all that much. If I am going to watch anything it’s either drag racing, hockey, or football. So Sunday comes and I am working on the computer. I glance at the time and see it’s almost 1 pm. Hmm, I think I will take a break and watch some football.

The 4th Quarter?!!!

When I turned on the TV and found the game it was in the 4th quarter!!! What? How can that be? Oh yeah. The timezone difference. Ugghh. On a positive note, that also means the Sunday night game now ends around 8 pm or 9 pm instead of 11 pm or 12 midnight!!! I might actually be able to stay up and watch the entire game now…lol

Even companies seem to go by different time zones. We use Walmart’s online shopping. We were sitting outside the other night after our walk setting up an order. When we were finished and submitted the order we realized we forgot to enter a discount code that the last Walmart gave us. 

You Have Reached Customer Service. Our Office Is Currently Closed

No worries, it’s still early enough to call customer service…or is it? Nope. They were closed. We will have to call in the morning. Darn time zone. 

I guess we don’t deal with a lot of California companies. If we did we would at least be in the same time zone…lol

We Got This!!!

So we have now been here 5 days and I think I finally have this time thing down pat. I wonder what will happen when we head back to the east coast one day. I guess we will start the process of getting used to the time difference all over again…

Has anyone else had so many problems dealing with time zone changes or is it just me? Leave a comment down below and let me know.

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