Historic RT 66

Old RT 66 Painted In The Street

Historic Rt 66 runs from Chicago Illinois through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and ends in Santa Monica California. It stretches about 2448 miles with the midpoint being in Adrian Texas.

This page will be dedicated to anything we do along RT 66. Our intent is to complete RT 66 in its entirety. We will be doing it in pieces and therefore it might take us a while to complete so make sure to check back often. Better yet, subscribe to the site and get updates any time we post up new content. No worries, we will never spam you or sell your email address. It’s for updates only.

Under each state in bold lettering, you will find historic RT 66 stops that we have been to in that state. If you click on the location in blue, it will take you to a review of that location and lots more pictures. If the state is not in bold lettering, it just means we have not been along RT 66 in that state yet but you can bet it’s on our bucket list.