Hiking In The Fortuna Foothills

Being in Yuma this winter has been a little challenging for us. Anytime we are in a new area we love to take the motorcycle out and ride all the scenic roads in the area that we are staying. While Yuma has a lot of things to do, most of them revolve around traveling down dirt roads so the truck is getting more use than the bike.

More Like Nature Walk/Short Day Hikes

One of our favorite things to do when we are not on the motorcycle is a hike. Not the backpack into the middle of nowhere for a week kind of a hike but more of a nature walk/short day hike kind of hike. Since we have spent the last 2 winters in Florida, our hiking has been mostly on flat ground around some type of body of water.

This winter we decided to check out the desert. We wanted to see what the weather and terrain of the southwest were all about. We had been battling a ton of rain over the last summer on the east coast and needed some dry weather. We picked Yuma Arizona for our destination.

Postcard Type Views

The campground we are staying at is located within a few miles of the base of the Fortuna Foothills. These foothills look like postcard views with the different angles that the sun hits them. At certain times of the day, the view is just spectacular. Even at the times when we are on the interstate heading back to the campground, the views of these foothills can put just about anyone in awe.

One thing that has been very cool for us is the number of hiking trails and Geocaching in the foothills. We love to do both. There are numerous hiking trails for all skill levels here. A year ago we probably would have passed on these types of trails since they are not the flat terrain, water viewed trails we are accustomed to but we decided we wanted to give them a shot.

Twila Peak Marker

We didn’t think we would like them but we are actually having a lot of fun with them. It has become a fun challenge for us. Each time we go back we find ourselves wanting to go further and higher than the last time.

Most Trails Lead To Telegraph Path

Having the Foothills so close to the campground has made it easy to get out and hike. There are a bunch of different trails you can take so you are not doing the same ones every day. Ultimately most trails wind up at the base of a cement driveway that goes straight up to a bunch of cell phone towers called Telegraph path.

Telegraph path is where most people wind up. Whether you make it just to the base or walk up to the top is an accomplishment. Although most trails in the Foothills are not super hard to navigate, there are some tricky spots that are skinny, steep and made up of loose rock which could be a little tricky for novice hikers like us.

Trails Through Foothills

The desert terrain is pretty similar no matter what trails you are hiking on. Dirt, rocks, and cactus are what you will be navigating through. What makes these foothills cool for us is there seem to be different markers you can get to along the different trails. One trail we took led to a random flag, another trail took us up to a large cross, and yet another one will lead you up to the cell tower driveway.

That is all we need sometimes to give us that extra drive if we are having a little trouble in one area of the trail. We know we are heading for a photo op. If you know us at all you know we love our photo ops…lol.

Good Shoes, Walking Stick, and Backpack

The best advice we could give anyone if they were to hike in the foothills is to wear good hiking shoes, use a walking stick, and bring a backpack with essentials like water and snacks.

Although the views are very different than those from the mountains when we are on the east coast, they are still spectacular. Once you get up in the Fortuna foothills you can see a very large portion of Yuma. For us, it’s an incredible experience with awesome views that keeps us coming back.


One of the last things that have us coming back over and over is the number of Geocaches we have found. If you don’t know what Geocaching is, click here to view our post on Geocaching. There are caches all over the foothills. We have found a bunch while here and have added them to “Our Adventures With Geocaching” page if you would like to check them out.

Final Thoughts

So if you are ready to take a bit of a challenge and deal with a hilly, rocky, and dirt-filled terrain, you may just be ready to hike the Fortuna Foothills. One thing I did not mention is that the warmer spring season is around the corner. According to the locals and people familiar with the area, it will soon be time to watch out for things like spiders and snakes.

You might want to double-check any rock you are going to sit on and take a break. You just might have a little (or big) friend hiding out under it.

Check out our short hike on the Fortuna Foothills.

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