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If you read my post about a month ago about customer service, you know I recently switched from Verizon Wireless to AT&T. I am a big fan of Apple products and all my equipment (computer, phone, and I-pad) are all Apple. Chris on the other hand still had an Android phone. 

Since my stuff was all Apple products everything I needed to access was all at my fingertips. Everything is linked through the I-cloud so wherever we were, whatever we needed I was able to get that info.

Apple Like To Play With Apple

Apple, for the most part, likes to only play with Apple so Chris was not able to easily access the same information. Our biggest challenge came through the calendar. The easiest way to fix that was to use Google calendar which I am not a fan of. This way if we made plans we would each have access to the dates and times. We don’t make separate plans all that often but occasionally it happens.

So now that we switched over to AT&T it seemed like the perfect time to bring Chris over to team Apple. Our original intention was to just get Chris her iPhone. My iPhone 6+ was just fine but sometimes things don’t work out as expected. 

Everyone Loves A BOGO

Wouldn’t you know that AT&T was running a BOGO on the iPhone 8? Now I know what you’re thinking. The iPhone X is already out. That’s ok with us. We don’t need the latest and greatest, we just want something that works. 

So we pick up the 2 iPhones. Of course, I got the plus. Bigger writing is perfect for me as I get older…lol. As the salesman was putting the information on the computer to get our account started, we started looking at OtterBox Defenders. I have had nothing but good luck with them. We were going to both get the OtterBox Defender Cases and Belt clips (which I highly recommend) but the prices were outrageous so we passed on the in-store purchase. We wound up buying them on Amazon for half the price. Now if you read my blog on customer service you know that so far we are very satisfied with AT&T. The service is great. Time will tell.


Since this article was written things have changed. AT&T struggled while we were in Ouray Colorado so we opened a Verizon account. When we accepted positions in the Ocala National Forest AT&T had no signal so we canceled our account and switched back to Verizon.

Everything Is Ringing!!!

Back at the Rv, it’s time to set everything up. We are super excited that everything will be in sync. That is of course until the phone rings. It’s Chris’ daughter. She called Chris’ number but now every device we have is ringing!!! Make It stop!!!…lol. Not only was the phone ringing across all our devices, but text messages and e-mails were also coming across too…lol

Ok, no problem. A few setting changes and it will be fixed. I figured out how to change the settings on the devices and now we are all set. Well, I thought we were anyway. I forgot about Facetime…lol. I am in the room changing into sweatpants and my phone is laying on the bed. We had asked Chris’ daughter to call again to see if I got it all right. Well, now I’m half-dressed, the phone is on the bed, and it is ringing through Facetime!!! I look down and there’s Chris’ daughter’s face on my screen!!! After desperately pushing all the buttons to try and hang up I wound up just tossing it under the door!!!…lol. I wound up escaping with my dignity because she can’t see us until we answer…lol. 

Everything Is Back To Normal

Back into phone settings I go. This time I get everything. We are now back to only receiving our own phone calls, texts, e-mails, and Face-times on our own devices. Our calendars and I clouds are synced and we can now access all our documents on the cloud without disrupting each other. It’s a good thing neither one of us were planning a surprise party for the other one…lol

So the moral of the story is “Be Careful What You Wish For”. Technology is good but sometimes a little too good…lol

If you have any funny technology stories, feel free to post them in the comments below

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