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Green Sergeant’s Covered Bridge


Anyone who knows us knows we love visiting covered bridges. One of our group motorcycle rides brought us to Green Sergeant’s Covered Bridge in New Jersey, which was built in 1872 and is the last covered bridge in the state. It should be noted that according to “the locals” the correct way to pronounce “Sergeant” is “sir-gent” as it is named for a local mill operator, Richard Green Sergeant.

The Bridge Spans The Wickecheoke Creek

The bridge spans the Wickecheoke Creek near the border between the Hunterdon Plateau and Amwell Valley located in Delaware Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. The surrounding area is beautiful and peaceful. Surrounding the creek are many trees and it has many rocks.

When cars came on the scene drivers had to stop and honk before crossing the one-lane span. So, an eastbound uncovered concrete lane was added to solve that situation.

Rebuilt In 1961

The bridge had fallen into disrepair by 1960 and plans were made for a modern bridge to replace it. When local residents strongly requested that the structure be preserved, in 1961 the 84-foot bridge was re-built using materials from the original covered bridge.

Final Thoughts

We have noted that many covered bridges we have visited are located in rural areas crossing small bodies of water with a lot of trees nearby. The Green Sergeant’s Covered Bridge is one of these and does not disappoint. If you are like us and enjoy these bridges we encourage you to seek this one out.

707 Rosemont Ringoes Rd.
Stockton, NJ
Date of Visit: 6/29/14

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TAOW Green Sergant Covered Bridge
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