Good Sam Membership

The Club People Love To Hate

What can I say? This is the club people love to hate. If you were to follow any of the thousands of RV and camping Facebook or any other type of social media boards, you will see this club talked about over and over.

The Good Sam Club was founded in 1966 and has steadily grown to over 2 million members. A Good Sam membership will cost you $29 a year. Good Sam members enjoy 10% discounts on any Good Sam affiliated campgrounds in the USA and Canada. In our own personal experience, we have received the 10% discount at campgrounds that are not listed as Good Sam parks just for mentioning Good Sam.

Camping World/Another Whole Story

Good Sam members also get 10% discounts at any Camping World store. Ahh, Camping World. That’s another hot topic for a completely different blog post…lol. 

Probably one of the most forgotten benefits of being a Good Sam member is the fuel discount. Any member can receive .05 cents a gallon off at the pumps of any Flying J/Pilot station whether you use gas or diesel. 

Two Ways To Get It Done

There are 2 ways to do it. If you are using a credit/debit card, swipe your credit/debit card. Once swiped the message on the pump screen will ask you to swipe your loyalty card. We never realized the loyalty card included our Good Sam Card. Once you have swiped both, you will see the price per gallon drop by .05 cents. It’s awesome!!!

We have been Good Sam members for years but until recently have not taken advantage of this great perk. We would always forget about it. As a matter of fact, while we stayed in Texas, there was a Pilot station right around the corner. We were there so many times but never used our card. We could have probably paid for our yearly membership with the savings we would have received since we were there so many times.

Do Your Research

Their website has a listing of all the Good Sam parks and locations. One thing to keep in mind with the Good Sam rating system is that it is not always accurate. As with any campground you are going to stay at, do your research and read reviews from other review sites.

Good Sam also has local camping clubs called chapters within its system. These are local Good Sam members who get together and camp and do volunteer work. They are like little mini clubs.

Many Other “Extra Cost” Services

Outside of the benefits included with your Good Sam memberships, they offer other paid-for services. These services are for additional costs on top of the basic membership. One of the most long-running services you can purchase additionally is Roadside Assistance. 

This is one of those services people love to hate. If you read enough stories your head will spin. Some people have stories of being stranded and Good Sam not helping and others have stories of praise. We feel any kind of service that does the numbers that Good Sam does will have happy campers and naysayers. 

A Good Service To Have

We feel it’s a good service to have. Thankfully, knock on wood, we have not needed any roadside assistance yet in our travels. What’s that old saying? It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Roadside assistance is a great addition to have. From flat tires to mechanical breakdowns you would be covered. We even met a couple who locked themselves out of their camper and their locksmith fee was covered. As with any plans, make sure to do your research to see if this plan will work for you.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance
Good Sam Travel Assist

They also have a pretty good Travel Assistance insurance. TravelAssist provides a personal medical support & travel assistance team on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They cover over 20 medical and travel assistance benefits for RV’ers. If you would like more information on this program, click on the link above.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is for us just by using the gas benefits (when we remember…lol) and camping discounts we can usually cover the $29 membership.

If you travel a lot and come across Flying J’s or Pilots and camp at Good Sam parks you will more than likely cover your membership fees. If you only go down the road to your local campground on weekends and are not interested in joining any of the local Good Sam Camping clubs, then it’s probably not the membership for you.

Are you a Good Sam Member? If so, what features do you like best? If not, what stops you from joining? Leave your comments and/or thoughts below.

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