Going Keto On The Road

No, it’s not January 1st and this is not a New Year’s resolution post…lol I realize these types of articles usually come out around January 1st but we didn’t want it to be “just another one of those New Years’ resolutions posts.”


Before I go any further I have to say that we are not Drs, dieticians, nationalists, or have any other medical background. This article is about ourselves and our experiences only. You should always talk to your own DR and do your own research before you start any type of diet and exercise program.

Tried Almost Every One

As a matter of fact, we started the Keto way of eating ( I won’t say “diet”) back on August 1st, 2019. I have struggled with weight for many years now. I have tried just about every diet and exercise program around. They all work great for a while. The problem is that after a while I would either become bored with them or just get tired of the food allowed on the plan. Two systems I had luck with (sort of) were Weight Watchers (now called WW) and the South Beach diet.

WW is a plan where you can eat whatever you like as long as you track your foods. You are given a certain amount of “points” for each day with “bonus” points for each week. You find out very quickly that donuts and cookies will deplete your points quickly…lol

No Points/No Problem

With WW, I would sign up and track diligently for the first couple of weeks. After a while, if I would track until I ran out of points, at that point, I would just stop tracking. I didn’t say stop eating, I said stop tracking…lol. Now I know plenty of people who love WW and have had that plan work for them but it just does not work for me and I definitely do not eat healthy doing this plan.

The South Beach diet is a low carb/high protein/higher good fats/no sugar diet. The first time I tried the South Beach diet, which was many years ago, I did extremely well with it. I did not have to track anything and was eating nice sized portions. I even started an exercise program and dropped a ton of weight and pants sizes.

Ice Cream!!!

The problem was I was eating the same bland foods over and over again and I eventually got bored. You know what that means… ice cream!!!

I am hypoglycemic and one of the biggest takeaways from doing South Beach was that my sugar somewhat stabilized. I had very few “episodes” of shakiness, dizziness, and crankiness. If you or anyone you know is hypoglycemic then you know that you have to eat small meals or have snacks every couple of hours…or do you. By the way, WW did nothing to help my hypoglycemia.

Enter Keto

We have heard of Keto and even met some people doing it in our travels. Keto is a very low carb/no sugar/moderate protein/high healthy fat diet. We would do some quick internet searches and just about every article we found said how bad it is for you and to stay away. So we did. Well, guess what. My weight continues to go up and down, I still needed to snack often to control my hypoglycemia, and my pant size was growing.

That was until our last assignment in Ouray, Colorado. We met someone who was very much into the ketogenic lifestyle. She had been doing it for a while and was healthy, energetic, and happy. Guess what? She told me she had also been extremely hypoglycemic and since going Keto, it was now non-existent. Is this possible?

I Need A Snack

Man, it would be great not to have to stop in the middle of something to go back to the RV to grab a small snack. Is it possible that I could go hiking, ride, or do anything for hours without “needing” that little snack? It got me thinking.

I remembered all the articles that I read online (it’s on the internet, it has to be true!!!…lol) about how bad Keto is for you so I would always bring that up to anyone who was doing Keto including this person. Most people would get all defensive but I guess the difference this time is that she didn’t get all defensive, instead just gave me some books to read and people to follow on YouTube.

2 Months Of Research

We researched Keto for the first 2 months we were in Ouray. We watched video after video and read as many books as we could on the subject. We decided to give it a try. Our thoughts were that we could try it for a predetermined amount of time (maybe 6 months) and since we were heading back to Florida we could follow up with our Dr. and get a complete checkupincluding blood work.

Our mindset at this point was that after all, we have been eating like crap most of our lives so even if it was not working, another 6 months wouldn’t kill us. If it worked, then it could be a 6-month head start.

We Love Our RV Oven

The other thing we looked at was if it was feasible to do this on the road. After all, there is a lot of cooking and creating involved. Not all RVs have ovens and some people even take theirs out but we have ours and it has worked awesome!!!

We have never been “go out to eat” kind of people and we took that on the road with us. We have been full-time since April 2016 and we still prepare our meals at the RV. If you know anything about us you know that even when we take the truck or motorcycle on an adventure, we bring our own food.

We, I Mean Chris

So that being said we, I should say Chris…lol, went to work hitting up the internet for Keto-friendly recipes. We did not want this to turn into a plan that included a few main meals that we would get bored of in a few months and go back to our usual routines. What she found was that you can take almost any meal and make it Keto. That’s actually half the fun!!!

The person at the campground I mentioned earlier in the article showed us ways to make Keto friendly deserts. Things like cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, and even ice cream!!!

We Didn’t Want To Waste Food…lol

After eating all the crap we had left in the RV, after all, we didn’t want to have to throw out those cookies…lol, we started Keto on August 1st. Chris has been experimenting with many recipes. Some work and some, well, not so much. We were having a blast trying all these different recipes and even trying new snacks.

After all, if we can’t have snacks it just won’t work…lol. Chris has been very creative in making/creating snacks. As long as my body feels like it is getting some type of snack, it won’t complain…lol

Here Is What We Found So Far

As of today, I have lost over 20 pounds!!! Chris is at about 10lbs!!! We both have more energy, feel great and are even losing pant sizes. My hypoglycemia is completely gone. As a matter of fact, sometimes we get so involved in either workamping or exploring we forget to eat. What? Yup, you heard me correctly. We forget to eat.

Whereas in the past I would have to eat when I wake up, a couple of hours later eat again, then have lunch, eat again a couple of hours later, then dinner, then a couple of hours later, we now are eating only 2 main meals a day most of the time.

There Is No Way Possible

We usually have a hard-boiled egg or something around lunchtime but not always. It’s actually unbelievable. If you told me a year ago I wouldn’t be craving food and/or snacks every few hours I would have laughed at you.

Another amazing thing that has happened is that our food bill has actually gone down. We thought the opposite would happen since we are buying more whole foods but since we are eating less it has gone down!!!

Can’t Argue With These Results

Eating less, losing weight and inches, saving money, no more hypoglycemia, and feeling great are just a few reasons we will be continuing this little experiment. The last piece of the puzzle will be when we go to have our bloodwork done in a few months. As far as how this works long term? That remains to be seen.

As far as can you do this lifestyle on the road? The answer is a big fat yes!!!

Have you ever tried Keto? Did anyone you know ever try Keto? What were the results, challenges, successes or failures? Let us know in the comment section below.

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