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Glen Echo Resort


After work camping in Ouray, Colorado for the summer, we started heading over to our next assignment in Milton, Florida. Along the way, we made plans to visit friends and family. The first stop we made was to visit our friends, Cathy and Ryan. We met them at our first work camping job in KOA Amarillo. Since they were in Colorado work camping at Glen Echo Resort, we decided to see them first. The ride to Glen Echo took us through some absolutely beautiful landscapes. We usually don’t pull over to take pictures while traveling but we made exceptions on this route.

Time To Check In

Upon pulling into the campground, we headed into the office to check-in and noted the office is part of a large building that also houses a gift shop, liquor store, restaurant, and bar. The office is fairly large and sells gifts, snacks, beverages, and also has an ATM. They also sell gas which was higher priced than the closest city/town due to the fact that the resort is located in Poudre Canyon and the nearest city/town is about 40 miles away.

They Have Liquor!!!

Part of the office/gift shop area houses a liquor store that is accessed by walking up a flight of stairs. While “in” the liquor store, you can look down into the office/gift shop area. From the office/gift shop there is a doorway leading to the restaurant. We had breakfast with our friends on our last day and can tell you the food was good and the service staff was friendly. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner so if cooking is not your thing you are covered. There are also restrooms located in the back of the office.

Anyone For Darts?

The bar is accessed through a doorway from the restaurant. If you are looking to finish your day off with a drink or two, the bar fits the bill. Located in the bar there is a pool table and a dartboard and several tables and chairs. At the back of the bar is a doorway leading to an outside deck where you can enjoy the mountain views.

There are mainly two sections in the campground. The first section is located on the right side as you enter the park and these are all full hookup RV sites. There are two rows of sites and most of these are seasonal. The sites are level but the access roads are dirt.

Nice Sites Along The River

The other section of the campground, where our site was located is shaped like a square. It is toward the back and includes RV sites, tent sites, and cabins. There are several RV sites that back up to the river, as well as several cabins along the river. There are back-in RV sites that make up the perimeter of this section of the park with an additional row of sites down the middle. The access roads in this section are also dirt.

There is a building that houses the bathrooms and showers that we found to be clean. Across from the restrooms, there is a small covered pavilion which includes an enclosed kitchen that is available for rent with two gas grills on the pavilion perimeter. The weekend after we left, the pavilion was rented for a wedding and the event was being catered by the restaurant.

Our Site Was Awesome!!!

When we originally made our reservation, our friends told us about the sites that backed up to the Cache la Poudre River and these sites were considered “deluxe” due to the close proximity to the river. We asked that they reserve one of the sites for us as one was available. The site did not disappoint and we found it to be fairly level and we were hooked up within a few minutes. We set up our chairs behind our trailer so we could view the river and we had a campfire each night of our stay. After a summer of work camping, this was the perfect break. A perfect spot with good friends made these few days unbeatable.

Tent Sites On The River

Next to our site was a bridge that led to some tent sites. These tent sites were situated in between a section of the river that looped around a small mass of land. If you love tent camping you would have no problem relaxing and being lulled to sleep by the sound of the river surrounding you.

The campground is located in the heart of the Roosevelt National Forest and sits at an elevation of 7200 feet. There is no cable TV at the RV sites and absolutely no wifi. As far as cell signal goes, there is none of that either. When you stay at the resort you are there to relax and disconnect from the outside world. Don’t panic though, if you absolutely have to make a call there is a payphone near the front office. You can also have the local cable company hook you up for service if you plan on staying long term or seasonal.


This campground has numerous cabins of different sizes. Some of the smaller cabins back up to the river and the larger ones are located in the center of the park and upfront. There is a large “penthouse” located above the laundry room/game room for large families with a deck overlooking the campground.

In the laundry room below the “penthouse”, there are 6 washers and 6 dryers. The room they sit in also houses two foosball tables and a treadmill. There is a long table for folding your clothes. There are restrooms located off the laundry room. Outside this building is an air station and the propane filling station.

Yes, you are in the mountains and in bear country. You will have occasional bears. If you follow the guidelines for any campground in bear country and do not leave food or garbage out you will be fine. Unfortunately, the bear did not make an appearance for us during our visit, so no pictures.

Our Review Summary

Glen Echo Resort

Overall Appearance
Big Rig Friendly
Staff Friendliness
Park Road Conditions
Site Size/Condition


This campground is an older one but has many ways for you to camp. Whether you want an RV site, cabin, or tent site you will enjoy your stay. If you are looking to just relax and not do anything else they make it very convenient by having the restaurant and bar. One thing to keep in mind is that there are many seasonals here and RV spaces can be limited, so reserve early. The park is open year-round.

There are many things to do in the area and the surrounding canyon is spectacular. If we were ever in the area again we would definitely stay here, by the river of course. Just remember, you will not have contact with the outside world. Is that such a bad thing?



  • Cabins Available
  • Tent Sites Available
  • 30/50 Amp Sites Available
  • Sites On The River
  • Propane Refill Station ($)
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Well Stocked Store
  • Liquor Store
  • Full-Service Restaurant
  • Bar/Lounge
  • Gas Station


  • No Pool
  • No Wifi
  • No Cell Signal
  • No Cable At RV Sites
  • Limited RV Sites Available
  • No K-9 Park
  • No Grocery/Retail Stores Nearby
  • Small Playground

If You Have Stayed Here And Would Like To Share Your Experience Or You Have Any Questions About This Park, Leave Them In The Comment Section Below

Check Out Our Video Below Of This Campground

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10 thoughts on “Glen Echo Resort”

  1. I really love your articles and all the details you provide for each location. I have read a few others also and I have kept a few that I will try to visit in the future as they look really amazing and can be an excellent family trip. Thank you for providing all this wonderful information. Keep it up!

    • Stratos K- We try and provide as much information as we can on our articles so people can plan their trips accordingly. We know not everyone has a lot of time off so when you are researching places to go, we want to show you as much as possible so you know what to expect when you arrive making your trip more enjoyable… Dennis

  2. Wow I really love your lifestyle! I’v visited your website before and thought it was so interesting but this blog post really gives me a look inside your world! I have always wanted to just up and sell my house, buy an RV and see where the open rode takes me. I just want to see the world while it’s still worth seeing if that makes any sense.. But I have a 4 month old daughter now and it would be nearly impossible to cut all my ties and start that journey so I suppose I’ll have to wait until she moves out lol. But at least I can continue to come back to your website every once in a while and get my road trip fix, and who knows maybe one day I will be able to get that RV and visit all of the amazing places you’ve recommended so far!!

    • Anna- Thank you for visiting our site. We try and make our articles as realistic as possible. We know that a lot of places only put certain things on their brochures.  We try and explain things as if you were there yourself. That’s why we also include a link to our Flickr account with numerous pictures and sometimes a video. We want you to see everything both good and bad. The world is definitely changing. More and more beautiful parks and historic sites are disappearing every day. Even though your daughter is young, you can still RV and see some of these wonders while they still exist. I started years ago as a “weekend warrior”(we camped on weekends and my time off from work) and my kids still remember those trips today. You can never take away memories. There are also more and more people who are hitting the roads with young families. There are many groups dedicated to young families who full-time RV. Whatever you decide you are always welcome to come back to the site and visit. We are constantly updating it. If you ever have any questions about an article you have seen here or RVing in general, feel free to ask. We are here to help… Dennis

  3. Hello Dennis!

    Glen Echo Resort is surely a beautiful place for camping and taking a little break during long drivings. The nature around is quite beautiful, and taking a rest in this area is very welcome, especially when people are traveling a long distance and are already tired.

    The Glen Echo Resort has already a background, let’s say it may be considered a brand with tradition in its zone, since it was established in 1887.

    Amazing landscapes, nice inside looking – it remembers people that they are in the middle of the nature – and fresh air. Just like in the mountains.

    Of course, guests with tents may be somewhat scared by the idea of receiving possible visits from bears (like you called it, it’s the bear country). But by following a set of rules it should be fine even if one bear or two happened to pass by in the night.

    Enjoy spending some time around there again!

    Best regards,


    • Peter- Glen Echo Resort truly has some history of its own. With its beautiful surroundings, you will find you don’t even miss being disconnected (no internet/phone service) from everyday life. You will just relax and enjoy nature. You are correct about being nervous about bears but bears love food. If there is no food to be found you are generally safe. The advantage of being a tent camper here is the fact that the tent sites are literally right on the river!!! We will definitely be going back… Dennis

  4. I have also been told by friends that have visited Glen Echo that the sites near the Cache la Poudre River are deluxe. They loved it and encouraged me to make a reservation there. Now I come to your post and read the same. Two different sources agreeing in this point. I’ll follow your advice. 

    • Henry- Your friends are correct. The sites by the river are considered deluxe. If you decide to go you will not be disappointed by those sites. There is nothing more relaxing than a campfire by the river. Also, if you are in an RV and leave your windows open at night, you will be lulled to sleep by the sound of the flowing river. If you are in a tent, you are surrounded by the river on both sides. It’s like hearing it on stereo…lol…. Dennis

  5. I’m a photographer and have been seeing some nice pictures taken recently on the banks of Cache la Poudre River. We have been planning a family vacation and your post has come in with excellent timing. I think we could all go and spend some quality time as a family and I’ll also have time to take some pictures I want. Thanks for this post.

    • Paolo- As a photographer, you will have no shortage of pictures to take. The surrounding area around the campground will provide you with some beautiful shots. There are numerous places within minutes of the campground that you can drive through and/or hike. The best part is there is no internet or cell service so you will have a great time staying connected with your family… Dennis


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