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Do you have family members or friends that love to camp in their RV? No idea what to get them? No worries. You have come to the right place. This page will give you some ideas for gifts you can get that your RV’ing family and friends will be sure to love. The best part is you can find all these gifts right on our Amazon page!!!

We know everyone has a budget so we will break them down into a few different budget categories to save you some time on your shopping.


Gifts under $20



Does your RV’ing friend have a manual crank for their stabilizer? If so, they would love to have this handy adapter to attach to their drill. This will make stabilizing the RV so much easier.


I couldn’t resist…lol. Are you the smores master of the group? Take this handy dandy smores storage kit and you can head to anyone’s campsite and truly look like the smores master that you are. This kit does not include the marshmallows, graham crackers, or chocolate bars.


Salt and Pepper anyone? How cool are these?


No one likes to drink skanky water. Every RV’er needs at least one water filter at the very minimum. Not only to filter your drinking water but to prevent a build-up of stuff in your RV’s plumbing. This is one of the filters we use in our 3 filter system for our RV.


For the wine lover, you know. “Just Another Wine Drinker With A Camping Problem”. This makes a great gift!!!


Who doesn’t like Smores?!!! These are great for toasting your marshmallows to either eat by themselves or drop them onto graham crackers.


Everyone likes to keep tabs on where they’ve been. That’s half the fun. If your RV’er friend doesn’t have one of these look no further. This is the perfect gift.


Do you know someone who loves to keep a journal of places they have been but is not computer savvy? Look no further. This journal is just the thing!!! No computer experience necessary.


This is one of my favorites!!! It makes for a great outdoor garbage can while you are camping. When it’s time to hit the road it folds up to almost nothing!!!


Gifts Under $50



Ok, not really RV related. They are great for blocking out any noises while you are relaxing on that hammock you just purchased from the link down below. Listen to music, watch TV (for glampers), answer the phone without disturbing your camping neighbors. These are Bluetooth.


Nothing says welcome and keeps your RV floors clean like this “Home Is Where The Welcome Mat Is” outdoor welcome mat.



This is a great gift idea. Every RV’er needs a water pressure regulator. Campground water pressure issues are widespread. We used to use the cheap $10 one and all it did was slow our water to a trickle. We purchased this one about a year ago and it has been great. You just set the pressure and walk away. Once the pressure is set it won’t matter if the campground water all of a sudden spikes for any reason. You are protected.


Relaxing is what camping is all about. What better way to do it than in a hammock!!! This one comes with a carry bag.


These sewer hose supports are almost always needed for a proper set up at a full hook-up site. They make a great gift for any RV’er.


This is one we personaly use and have done a review on. (See our full review). This is a great water filter. We use a 3 filter system for our RV and this is the first in line. We place it near the campground water spicket. It has worked great for us.


For the practical gift giver. Every RV’er will need to empty their tanks sooner or later. This complete system from Camco will be the perfect product for the job.

Gifts Under $100



We have one just like this and love it!!! It sits next to our swing out BBQ which makes it very handy for us to put all our Watkins spices, dishes, cooking utensils, and anything else we need while we cook.


These things are great for stopping the front to rear motion in your RV while parked. We use them at every campground. Now if we could only stop the up and down motion…lol.

These chairs are awesome!!! We have the step-down version that does not have the cool pouch on the side. You can be sure that when our chairs are ready for retirement they will be replaced with these. These chairs are also great for watching your kids sporting events!!!


Anyone who has an RV should be thinking about surge protection. All it takes is one spike or one campground pedestal that has a problem and your RV wiring could melt or even worse catch fire. We started out with one of these and it saved us on a few different occasions. We have since upgraded but this is a great entry-level device and a perfect gift. The only thing you will need to know before you purchase this item is whether the RV is a 30 or 50 amp system


Gifts Over $100



Waste is not exactly the first thing you think about when you are thinking gifts but this could be a game changer. When you are parked in a spot with no sewer, you would not believe how fast grey water tanks fill. This makes it easy to empty those tanks and bring the waste water down to the dump station without having to drag the RV down to the dump to empty and then back to the spot to rehook up all over again.


For the person who loves to grill. This portable gas grill will make anyone who loves to cook on the road happy.


This is a must-have item for any RV’er. This is the step-up model from the surge protector I listed above. It will not only guard against electrical spikes, it monitors high and low voltage and your amp usage. If it detects any problem with the electric, it cuts the electric off to the RV BEFORE it melts your wires. When the voltage is back in the correct range, it reintroduces the electric to the RV. This is the model we use and have even done a product review on it. See our product review. The only thing you will need to know when you purchase this is whether the RV is a 30 or 50 amp system.




  1. I enjoy reading your articles and I think you do a great service to the industry with one exception: You refer people to purchase RV related items from Amazon instead of suggesting these items are available through their local RV dealers and recommending they support their local dealers. It’s no secret Amazon is a competitor and sells RV parts with no love to the industry itself. In doing so you become a part of the problem with dying brick and mortar stores. We sell RV parts and fully back and support anything we sell. We also service RV’s and again fully support the industry itself. Please re-evaluate your input to the industry you claim to love. Nothing was more eye opening than your Christmas list with a referral to Amazon on every item. One day it may be really hard to get your RV serviced when we are all gone. Unless of course Amazon starts selling repairs.

    • Tamara- I am glad you enjoy reading our articles and thank you for your input. The page you are referring to is our “One Stop Shopping Amazon Gift Giving” page. That is why all the products listed on that page are from Amazon.

      We personally use both Amazon and local RV dealers. We have bought plenty of items from local RV dealers. We have also found that most times if a part or accessory is not in stock at the time we are at the store, they will gladly order it for us. The problem with that is that they rarely can match the two-day shipping that Amazon gives us without charging us extra. As full-time RV’ers, that extra wait time could be a problem especially if we are nearing our time to leave a campground and move on.

      Amazon might not have “Love” for the Rv industry, or any particular industry for that matter, but we have found that their customer service is second to none. They offer many different solutions to peoples problems such as 2-day shipping and that’s why they are successful. We have had some huge customer service issues in the past with other companies and when we find a company that treats us right we are generally loyal.

      Your comment about us “Claiming to love the industry” is a bit harsh. We absolutely love RV’ing and the RV’ing community. While you might be a reputable dealer and genuinely care about the RV community, there are many that could care less about the industry and are just looking to make a buck.

      This country is built on competition. That’s what keeps things in check. The companies that survive are the ones that learn how to adapt to different times. They develop different marketing strategies and ways to keep their customers happy. Amazon has done a lot of research on marketing and keeping people happy and have done a very good job at it. Maybe the RV industry (and other industries for that matter) should follow suit. Time to think outside the box.

      The bottom line is that people are always looking to save money. We are (as many do) just looking to provide our Rv’ing friends with the best deals and more bang for their buck. Today’s economy is tough and things are expensive. If we could save our readers a few bucks on products and services, we will continue to do so.

      As far as the servicing end of RV’s, I think you’re safe. Amazon has no plans to start servicing RV’s.

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