Black Friday in July


Geocaching is a great way to get out and have fun while seeing cool new sights and sneaking in a little healthy exercise. If you do not know what Geocaching is check out our article explaining all about it by using the link we provided below.

Geocaching, What The Heck Is It?

For those that know what Geocaching is and want to see some cool finds, this page is for you!!! Listed below by state are all the caches we have found to date. Well, most of them anyway. It’s hard to keep up as we are always finding new ones!!!…lol. We have listed all the caches on the right side of the state. If you click on a state you will see and can read about all the caches we have found in that state.

Choose The State You Would Like To See The Caches In

ArizonaRed Box
White Cross
Dead Tree #2
14 S*W*A*G Mega Event #14
13 S*W*A*G Mega Event #14
Road Noise
Dead Tree (#1)
S*W*A*G Park & Stay TB Hotel
ConnecticutClean Up The Bluff
Stone Tiki
Across From The Pond
FloridaPuddin Head Pond
A Scout Is
Bears Picnic
Which Way 2
ORGT Blackwater River State Park
Take One Again
On The Road Again
Bridges Of Madison County
Twisters Cache
Battlefield Micro
ORGT: Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park
Station PNG
South- The Snake Wall
Tubing Paradise
WC’s St James Place
WC’s RT 47
Not A Hike
Alligator Lake Event Group Cache
Beware Of The Capybara
Rats!!! Another Tree
ORGT: Ichitucknee State Park
ORGT: Tomoka State Park
Free-Range Chicken
JJ’s Big Tree
Big Tree
Who Told You?
The Ole Fishing Hole
Cooper’s Lakeview Cache 4
Coopers Cache
Swamp Cache
Tiny Tim Signs In
Howey Doing?
Stumped In Fort Cooper
Two Bushes
ORGT: Dade Battlefield
New YorkLet’s Try That Again #3- Battle Row
LI Motor Parkway #4- Battle Row
Get Your Cache Carteron 1K
Rhode IslandWTF?!?
WTF?!? Another Stone Wall
WTF?!? River View
WTF?!? Lean On The Cache
South CarolinaJC’s Mega Cache
Totally Tubular
TennesseeHWY.68 Power Run #34
TexasThe Proposal
Shelby & Coleby’s Treasure Cach