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Fort Adams/Rhode Island Mansions Loop


This is probably the longest 20-mile ride you will ever do…lol. The offset is if you love water, sailboats, and huge mansions, it will probably be one of your favorites. This is the kind of ride where 20 miles could possibly take you all day. Due to heavy traffic and crowds, I recommend you do this ride during the week.

Plenty Of Water Views & Photo Ops

We came over from Connecticut and in doing so crossed over 2 bridges with great water views. The first bridge was free. The Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge which spans the west passage of the Narragansett Bay.

Bring Your EZ Pass

The second bridge was a tolled bridge. It accepts cash and EZ-pass. The Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge spans the east passage of the Narragansett Bay. It is a $2 per direction toll. I didn’t start the ride from the bridge but most will be coming over it to start this ride so I figured I would mention it.

Best Done On A Weekday

This ride will start at the Citgo gas station just off the bridge on Rt 138. Just follow the signs for “Downton Newport”. At Citgo, you will be able to top off your tank, use the restroom, and grab a snack. I will say, the best time to do this route is on a weekday. Some of the main roads on this route are congested during the week but really bad on the weekends and/or holidays.

Cemeteries On Both Sides Of The Street

From Citgo, you will pull out and ride down Rt 138. There are cemeteries on both sides of the street. You will come to a fork in the Road. Stay to your right and you will now be on Americas Cup Ave. Take this down to Thames St and make a right. Follow Thames St to Wellington ave and make a right. There will be a Shell Gas Station on the left side corner.

Comte de Rochambeau

As you travel down Wellington Ave the traffic will start to lighten up. On the right side of Wellington ave, you will see views of the Narragansett Bay that you were just crossing over on the bridge. The first group of parking spaces is reserved for school use but you will eventually come upon parking for the general public near King Park. It is here you will see the monument of Comte de Rochambeau who was a French general during the American Revolution.

After The Photo Op

After your photo op, you will continue down Wellington Ave. Wellington Ave will curve around to the left. As you go around to your left, you will see the giant walls of the NY Yacht Club on your right side. Continue across Harrison Ave. As you cross Harrison Ave, Wellington Ave will turn into Brenton Rd. Follow Brenton Rd around to your right and it becomes Beacon Hill Rd. Beacon Hill Road will come to a soft fork and you will just stay to your right. This will put you back on Harrison Ave.

You will come up to the entrance to Fort Adams State Park. The park itself is free and has a ton of cool stuff to see if you’re a water lover. There are sailing schools, docks, and of course the Fort itself. You will drive straight to the end to get to a free parking lot. From there you can have a bite to eat at the picnic tables looking out over the water. We brought our own lunch but if you don’t, there is also a food and ice cream truck.

Picnic Tables By The Water

There is a gift shop behind the picnic tables. If you are planning to tour the Fort, you can buy your tickets here. We decided to skip the tour (for today at least) and do the 2.5 miles walk around the park. The walk will give you awesome views of the bay as you walk around the outside walls of the fort. There are a few restrooms located throughout the park. They are along the entrance road.

When you leave the park you just head out towards Harrison ave (the way you came in) and make a right at Harrison. If you decided not to enter the park at all, then you would continue along Harrison Ave until you get to Ridge Rd. Make a right on Ridge Rd and follow it around to the left to Castle Hill Rd. Make a right on Castle Hill Rd and take it to the end.

Break Out Your Camera Again

Make a left on Ocean Ave and get ready to break out your cameras again. Ocean Ave is a scenic rd that will wind around along the water. You will pass Brenton Point State Park, Ballard Park, and Goosenbury Beach. There are photo ops all along this road.

When you get to the end of Ocean Ave, make a right on Coggeshall ave and a quick left on Bellevue Ave. Follow Bellevue around to the left. Now you will be passing the famed mansions of Rhode Island. You will pass places like the Marble House, Rhinebeck Antique Emporium, Frederick Law Olmstedt Park, and much more. Some mansions actually give tours (for a price of course).

Mansions, Mansions, And More Mansions

After passing all the mansions you will make a right onto RT 138A. You will come to a fork in the road and will stay to your right. You will now be on Purgatory Rd. Purgatory Rd will curve around to your left. As you follow this road, it will cross Green End Ave and become Berkeley Ave. As you near Wyat Rd, there will be a vineyard on your right.

When you reach Wyatt Rd make a left. Take it to RT 138 (also called E Main Rd). Take to the first 4-way intersection and make a left. There will be a Walgreens on your right side. Make a left onto Rt 138 (also called Rt 114/E Main Rd/ W Main Rd). Take this to RI-138 (also called Admiral Kalbfus Rd. Make a right.

Beat The Line Of Cars

Just before the traffic circle on your left side, you will see a sign for Rt 238. Make a left. If you miss this turn don’t worry. You can go down to the traffic circle and go around and catch it coming the other way. This is what we did and we actually beat a long line of cars waiting to turn…lol.

Once on Rt 238. you will come to a fork. Stay to your left to continue on back to the Citgo station you started at or stay to the right to get back onto the bridges.

Final Thoughts

If you do not want to stop at all, it will probably only take you about an hour to an hour and a half to complete this route. I’m betting it will take you much longer because you will be stopping a few times along the way for photos…lol.

If you have any questions or comments on this ride, feel free to leave them below

Date of Ride: June 27th, 2018
Approx Miles: 20

Ride Often/Ride Safe

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TAOW Fort Adams Rhode Island Mansions Loop

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