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The Escapees RV Club is very similar to the Good Sam Club. They both offer various discounts to their members, they both offer additional “paid for” services like roadside assistance and mailboxes and they both have little groups and charters.

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The main difference between them is that Escapees is also an RV’er rights group. They are a group that is always behind the scenes advocating RV’er’s legal rights. Also, everything Escapees does or offers is to either help or further the RV’er’s education on the RV’ing lifestyle. This is one of the main reasons we are Escapees members.

Escapees are actually broken down into two groups. Escapees and Xscapers. Escapees are geared more to the retired age group while Xscapers is geared more to the younger crowd who might still be working. When you join one you are automatically in the other. The information and benefits you can get are the same for both.

Discounts On Campgrounds

One of the big differences between Escapees and Good Sam is that Good Sam has a large network of campgrounds that you can get a discount on. If you missed our review on Good Sam you can view it by clicking here. Escapees’ networks of discounted campgrounds are not as large as Good Sam’s but in addition to their network of parks for discounts, Escapees has 7 club-owned campgrounds called Rainbow Parks and 11 Co-op Parks that you can actually buy into. 

In addition to their mail forwarding service (one of the largest in the industry), they offer things like job exchange for those looking to work while on the road and Health Care Solutions for those looking for health insurance geared for the RV’er.

All Sorts Of Options

They also have a roadside assistance program and offer discounts with companies that they are associated with. They also offer RV’er’s Online University, RV’er’s Boot Camp, Smart Weigh, and options for those who want to use them for domicile purposes.

They have special interest groups within Escapees called Birds Of A Feather (or just BOF) groups. These are groups that target special interests like ham radio operators, line dancers, and Geocaching groups just to name a few. Oh, by the way, we belong to the Geocaching group.

Start Your Own B.O.F.

The list goes on for almost any kind of interest. The best part is if you are interested in a topic and there is no group within Escapees BOF that is geared towards that already, you can start one!!!

They also hold a large rally every year called Escapade. This Rally gets all the Escapees & Xscapers members and the Escapees group (called BOF groups) members all together in one large get-together. Our schedules just have not matched up with their dates yet but we are hoping to get to one in the future.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that although we have not saved a ton of money with this group, their dedication to the RV community is second to none. Just for the RV advocacy aspect and the family atmosphere of this group, we will continue our memberships into the foreseeable future.

If you have anything to do with RV’ing whether it be part-time or full time we highly recommend this group. 

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While it is always your choice to make, we ask that if you do decide to join this group please use our Escapees link located throughout this blog post or by using the link below.

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