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Campground pedestals are the most highly used items in a campground. If you think about it everyone that comes in and out of that campground is plugging into a pedestal. It only stands to reason that eventually there is going to be a problem somewhere down the line.

You made a large investment when you purchased your RV so why not spend a little more and protect the electrical system. After all, I am sure you are enjoying all the modern conveniences that your electrical system provides so why aren’t you protecting them? I would be lost if I couldn’t press the brew button on my Keurig each morning. Yes, I know, I could always have instant coffee or boil the water over the fire but do you know me? I want simplicity!!!…lol

Our set-up at our current campground

Campground pedestals are never to be trusted. They can be working fine one day and the next something burns out. It might not even be their fault. It could be the power providers issue. What about low voltage issues or spikes? Things like that can ruin the appliances and/or burn up your complete electrical system of your RV.

Another thing you will learn quickly is that it’s never the campgrounds issue. It’s a problem with your rig. When a campground owner tells you that, how can you prove otherwise? So what can you do? Unless you have a meter and know how to use it, you will never know the truth. A meter will only tell you whats happening at that particular time. It does nothing to prevent or protect you. Once your electrical system has melted down does it really matter whose fault it is? It’s too late, you lose.

More Than A Surge Protector

For the longest time, we relied on a simple Progressive industries surge protector that plugged into the pedestal. It would tell us via a light code if there were issues like reverse polarity, open grounds, or open neutrals. This unit saved our butts quite a few times but as we encountered different situations, we felt it was not enough.

We wanted something that was a little more of a complete package. We researched and talked to a lot of other campers to see what if any protection they were using. As we spoke to the people with big motorhomes, the answers we were getting were all the same. They would tell us they had Electrical Management Systems (EMS) hardwired into their rigs.

Time To Invest

The more we learned about these systems the more we felt we should have one. For us, since we full-time, and rely heavily on everything in our RV working, we felt it was time to invest. Just because I can more than likely swap out our A/C unit if it was to fry in a power surge, doesn’t mean I want to. Electrical is not my strong suit so I was not sure that I wanted to hard-wire anything new into the RV if I didn’t have to.

After researching the available units, reviews, and pricing, we decided to go with the Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X. It is a portable unit that plugs right into the pedestal. No hard wiring required. Because you just plug it into the pedestal, it’s super easy to use. There is even a tab built in that you can use to lock it to the pedestal pole. then plug your RV plug into it. That’s when the magic starts.

Constantly Monitoring

This unit will constantly monitor current coming from the pedestal. If the volts go up to high or to low the unit will cut power to the RV until the current is back in a safe range. It scrolls through things like volts, amps, and error codes. Since it’s digital, there is no needle to watch. Just read the numbers.

When we first bought this unit we tried turning the appliances on and off. It was amazing to see how many amps things use. For instance, our electric water heater uses 11 amps just by itself!!!

Since we have started using this product it has been working flawlessly. It has detected problems with pedestals and shut the power off before any damage was done to our rig. When the power went back into the normal range, it slowly allowed juice back in until we were up and going again. It also sets a code that explains exactly why it shut the power down.

Saved Us More Than Once

I truly feel this unit has saved our electrical system on more than several occasions. At one park we were at, our neighbor had told us that he wished he had bought something like this earlier as he just had to have his 5th wheel rewired due to a power surge.

If you purchased this item through my site, thank you!!! Please take a moment to leave a comment below and let me know what you thought about this product.

Manufacturer: Progressive Industries

Amperage: 30
Dimensions: 6.25 x 18 x 5

Shipping: Free

Best Price/Value: Amazon


While staying at the KOA in Milton Florida, this surge protector took its final shot. One of the Lightning storms on the panhandle hit the campground direct. We have no complaints about this unit. It saved our RV electrical system many times.

Our Review Summary


Overall Value
Ease Of Reading The Display
Ease Of Use
Weather Resistant
Ease Of Set Up

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a part-time or full-time RVer I don’t know why you would ever take a chance plugging into a pedestal directly again. I highly recommend this product. By the way, if your RV is 50 Amp you’re in luck. They also make this unit in 50amp. The product number is EMS-PT50X.



  • Comes With Plastic Protector Shield
  • Disc For Locking Up Unit To Pole
  • Easy To Read Digital Display
  • Portable
  • Code Chart For Error Reading


  • Sits On The Ground With Low Pedestals

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