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Time To Step Up Your Protection


Earlier we talked about getting surge protection at the pedestal. We showed you a good little surge protector you can use. It uses lights to warn you of any potential problems at the campground pedestal. It works great and does the job. To get you started at least.

Now it’s time to step up your game. Besides the problems of surges or grounding issues, the voltage can also vary throughout the day if there is a problem with campground wiring. Having too low or too high a voltage coming into your RV can do substantial damage. The basic surge protector will not help with that.


What will help is an Electrical Management System? Some of the newer motorhomes are already coming with them and now they are available for your RV no matter what you have.

This system will plug into the campground pedestal and you plug your RV into it. The EMS will constantly monitor the voltage and other conditions at the pedestal. If there are any issues, the EMS will cut the power to your RV before any damage is done. If the situation corrects itself, the EMS will allow the power back into your RV.

Could Save You Thousands

While these are more expensive than a basic surge protector, they could potentially save you thousands of dollars in damage should there be an issue with the campground electric. We love ours and it has saved us a few times already from low voltage situations.

They come in 50 and 30 amp models. Click the link below to check out our full review of the unit we use and highly recommend.

Electrical Management System (EMS)

We Hope This Helps

Oh No!!! Not My Winning Lottery Speech!!!

Battery Back Up

This tip is for when you are all set up. You are relaxing and decide you want to go on the computer and work on some documents. You are making some great progress when all of a sudden the pedestal power goes out.

Now, I know, a lot of programs use autosave these days. But if it didn’t, all your work is lost. Also, did you know it’s not good to have your computer shut off because of a power failure? Repeat shutdowns from power failures or interruptions could possibly cause damage to your computer over time.

A Battery What?

So what can you do? I’m glad you asked. We have dealt with this problem and decided to buy a battery back up. Now if the power goes off, we at least have enough power to save any documents we are working on and shut the computer down properly until power is restored.

We went with a Cyber Power 650We have the older model without the LED display but for about $3 more I would get the one with the display. It has saved us a few times already. One thing to remember when using it is on travel days, make sure you turn off the power to the unit or it will continue to beep for your entire trip…lol.

We hope this helps.

Don’t Worry/Our Electric Is Fine Here

Surge Protector

I can’t stress this one enough. Do not trust campground electric. Get a good surge protector or Electrical Management System. A problem pedestal is much more common than you think. Too high, too low voltage or an improperly grounded outlet could cause big and possibly costly problems for you. Test the electric coming from the pedestal BEFORE you plug your rig into it.

What Can You Do?

We pulled into a campground one time and when I plugged in my surge protector, it read reverse polarity. The other sites were taken and no one was available at the campground to repair it but with some quick thinking (and a little luck) I was able to sidestep the problem. I always carry a step-down adapter from 50 amp to 30 amp. I just used that and plugged it into the 50 amp plug which showed no problems on the surge protector. Surge protectors come in 50 amp and 30 amp so make sure you get the right one for your rig. Surge protectors vary in price and quality. Hey, that was 2 tips. You got a bonus today!!!

Always Coming Up Short

RV Extension Cord
50′ Extension Cord/ 30Amp Available on Amazon With Free Shipping

You’re all packed up and ready to hit the road. You booked this campground months ago. The morning of the big day comes and everyone gets up nice and early for the long haul.

After a full day of driving and traffic jams, you arrive at the campground. Because of all the traffic, you hit earlier, it’s much later than you would have liked to pull in. Hey, no worries right? You’re finally here!!!

Remember To Test The Pedestal

You get all checked in and they even escort you to your site. Sweet. Time to hook up and relax. Everything is going great and the campground looks awesome. You pull out your electric cord and surge protector and test the pedestal electric (I know you read the tip above this…lol.)

Everything tests good and you stretch out the cord and… uh oh. Somethings wrong. It looks like you are about 3 or 4 feet short. Don’t laugh it happens. It happened to us a couple of times. No biggie though because we carry an extra length of cord. That’s right. The tip of the week for this week is to always carry an extra length of cord. Not every campground pedestal is located close by. You would be surprised at some of the locations of the pedestals.

We have needed ours numerous times!!! Hope this helps.

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