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East Yuma Wetlands

While in Yuma we did a lot of exploring as we do when we are workamping in an area. This being our first time in Arizona and Yuma we were eager to check out as much of the city and surrounding area as we could while there. 

One Of 5 Parks We Visited

The Yuma East Wetlands is one of five parks that is part of the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area. We visited all five parks and will have reviews on all of the parks.

Plenty Of Free Parking

When we decided to investigate the Yuma East Wetlands we found the entrance by taking Interstate 8 west from the resort we were working at to Exit 1. At the traffic circle we took the second exit to E. 8th Street then made a right onto Prison Hill Rd and another right onto S. Levee Rd. This leads you down into a dirt area where there is parking and restrooms.

If We Only Knew

At the time we didn’t realize that we could have also parked at Gateway Park and enter the wetlands from there.

From where we parked near the prison you can walk the multi-use walkway, which is paved or take the dirt trail that will take you along the Colorado River back to Gateway Park or on the three-mile loop that circles around the marsh areas.  

Lessons Of Wildlife

We entered and followed the hiking trails which followed along the Colorado River. We came upon some signage titled “Lessons of Wildlife” sharing information about wildlife in the area, including fish in the waters. 

Herb Guenther Scenic Overlook

The trail we took along the Colorado River was beautiful and well maintained. The trail is wide with cottonwoods, willows and mesquite trees on the trail. While walking we came upon a sign for the “Herb Guenther Scenic Overlook.” Walking up to the overlook affords beautiful views of the river and the foothills. 

This Is Where You Can Get Yourself In Trouble

Returning to the trail you can walk a bit further but it eventually moves away from the river and makes its way through marsh areas. This is where you can get yourself in trouble. Ask us how we know. The trails are not clearly marked and there are many ways you can go.

Pin Your Starting Point

We use a setting on our phone that pins the location of our truck and use the app “Map My Walk” so even if we get lost in the trails (which can sometimes lead to awesome adventures) we can always find our way back.

Along the way, you can see abundant wildlife, water canals, many types of vegetation and of course a Geocache or two. There is an area that circles back around near the multi-use trail and features a swamp area. This section of trails are loose sand.

Final Thoughts

We enjoy hiking and geocaching both of which we did at this park. You could easily spend the entire day enjoying nature, birdwatching and strolling the trails. Being it’s the desert it can also get very hot. Make sure you bring plenty of water and some snacks at the very least. We highly recommend this park for an enjoyable day outside especially during the winter months in Yuma.

Date of Visit: Winter 2019
Fee: N/A
Pet-Friendly: Yes. Dogs and horses are allowed on the trails.

Located At:
Yuma Crossing Bike Path (Colorado River Levee Multi-Use Path)
Yuma, AZ 85364

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