Does Your RV Feel Like Home?


Do you remember when you bought your first RV? Maybe it’s the one you are in now and you are just starting out or maybe you are on your third or fourth and a seasoned veteran of RVing. If you think back to when you bought your first RV, how much planning went into it? Did you go to RV shows, search online, or go to dealerships? Maybe you did all of that.

The RV I am in now is currently the second one I have owned and the first for Chris. We absolutely love it. It has its quirks like everything else in life but it’s home. Unlike shopping for a new vehicle, I find RV shopping truly exciting.

I Could Spend Hours

I could spend hours, days, weeks online searching the different RV types, floor plans, and reviews. I searched old and new. I won’t even mention the countless hours of video I watched online.

Then there were the trips to all the dealerships. Walking through all the different units. I found myself even looking at ones I knew I didn’t want or couldn’t afford. I just loved to go in and check them all out. Ah, then there’s that new RV smell. We only had a couple of RV dealerships on Long Island but that didn’t stop me. Roadtrip!!!

Let’s Go To An RV Show!!!

We went to as many RV shows as I could. (See if one is coming to an area near you). Big, small, it didn’t matter. If it said RV show, we were there. I know, we are a little nuts but I wanted to see everything!!! To this day I still love going to RV shows. Even though we love the RV we are in now, if there is a local show near where we are staying and we are not working or don’t have any adventures planned we will go to it.

At the end of the day when you finally decided on “The One”, do you remember how it felt? How excited were you were when you brought that unit home? Now what?

What Did Your RV Come With?

When you bought your new or new to you RV it came with certain features and furniture. Do you leave it as is or do you start customizing? Does it depend on whether you are a full-timer, part-timer, or seasonal camper? Should you leave it as-is so you don’t affect the resale value?

When I bought my first RV years ago, I didn’t touch a thing. I don’t think it had anything to do with resale value. I just figured it came that way so that’s the way it stays. Don’t worry about changing things out. Just fix what breaks and go camping.  That was my philosophy.

Fast Forward To The RV We Own Now

Fast forward to this RV. When Chris and I purchased this RV, changing it was the furthest thing from our mind. Again, nothing to do with resale value, it’s just this is the way it came and that’s that. Right? I don’t think so. Not this time.

Maybe it’s because it’s our home now or maybe it’s just because we realize we don’t have to settle for the things we don’t like about it. Forget resale. Most times the value of RVs fall faster than a brick dropped from a tall building. I think it has more to do with wanting it to feel like our home instead of an RV.

Coffee Station
Our Coffee and Tea Station

It has taken us a few seasons but we are finally starting to make our RV more personal and homey. We have made some moves already and are constantly planning what else we can do to make this more our own. To date, we have made a few changes already. We replaced that crappy dealership mattress with an awesome 8” memory foam mattress (see our review). No more sleepless nights for us!!!

Our RV came with a kitchen table and 4 free-standing chairs as opposed to a dinette. We got rid of 2 chairs and put a laptop computer table we had in our apartment where one chair was and a TV stand where the other chair was. The laptop computer table is now our coffee/tea station. The TV stand is our printer table and paper/office supply stand although that will be changing in another week.

TV Stand And Printer
TV Stand #1 And Printer

The RV came with 2 leather recliners. I sit in mine all the time and absolutely love it. Chris, on the other hand, sits only on the couch. She never really liked the recliner. The second recliner became a junk collector. When a family member bought a condo and needed furniture, we volunteered our second recliner. That left a big space in that section of the RV. More on that in a minute.

We added command hooks on the bedroom wall when I had nowhere to put my hats. We drilled a hole in the bottom of a cabinet to run a wifi booster antenna wire. We have begun to hang pictures on the walls.

Que Up The Planning Phase

Aside from those changes we made already, we have a few more that are in the planning phase and should be done (hopefully) by the end of the year. The first is that we want to rip down all the cheesy looking curtains (and possibly shades) and replace them with nice “homestyle” type curtains.  

We also want to replace the sofa bed with some kind of daybed type setup. The couch is fairly comfortable but on the few times we have overnight guests the pull-out bed is terrible. We are also planning to upgrade the kitchen chairs.

My Favorite Change Is Coming!!!

Perhaps my favorite change is going to be happening in about a week. I have wanted a desk/workstation for a long time. Guess what? It’s coming!!!! Everything has been ordered. My new (desk) chair will be here on Tuesday or Wednesday and the desk on Friday. WooHoo!!! I am so excited!!! Of course, I purchased it through Amazon and took advantage of the free shipping. If you want a sneak peek of what I ordered, you can check it out now.

Empty Space
Empty Space Where Recliner Once Sat

We will be filling that big vacant space that used to be occupied by the recliner with the desk/workstation. We picked a lightweight desk that actually weighs in much less than the chair did as we did not want to add too much more weight to what we have. I will use the other TV stand that I have been using for my computer now to make the desk an “L” type setup.

Once the desk and TV stand are set up, I can move the printer onto the TV stand that forms the “L”. That will leave the TV stand in the kitchen area for Chris to use for, well, kitchen stuff. I will post the pictures of the desk/work area when it’s all set up.

Don’t Forget Outside Your RV

Don’t forget about the outside. There are many ways to make the outside feel like home too. We have seen people put potted plants, outdoor carpet/mats, bird feeders, wind chimes, dog fences, and signs with their names and sometimes hometown. Right now we have the outdoor carpet/mat and sign. There are many other things we have seen also. The possibilities are endless. Just remember, you will have to pack those things up when you leave…lol.

I am sure as time goes on we will come up with more things to do. Whenever we seem to change one thing a few more ideas pop into our heads. My advice to anyone who owns an RV and camps either full or part-time is don’t be afraid to make changes. Make it yours. Just be careful about adding too much weight to it. You don’t want to go over your weight capacities. Aside from that, I say go for it!!!

What Changes If Any Will You Do?

So what do you think? Will you customize your RV to feel more like a home or will you just leave it as it is and just camp? If you did customize it at all, what have you done? Let me know. Leave me a comment down below.

6 thoughts on “Does Your RV Feel Like Home?”

  1. Am always fascinated with the RVs, hitting the open road, not knowing where your going and stopping at an RV park to meet other enthusiast just looks like fun. I once read an article where Amazon would accommodate seasonal RVers to work at some of their distribution centers. happy RVing guys!

    • We love RVing and have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Amazon still employs RVers around the holidays. Not only do they employ you but they provide a campsite free of charge. 

  2. I would absolutely love to have an RV one day! I can imagine it must feel great being part of such a fantastic community and meeting like-minded people.

    I love the fact that you will now have a proper desk space too – even better! So how often do you move between sites? I guess having the outside things mean that you would stay somewhere for at least a couple of months?

    • Louise- Yes, we usually stay at campgrounds between 4-6 months at a time. During that time we try and visit as much of the area as possible. Sometimes we workamp to offset the costs of the campground. Having the desk space will help me get more organized. I am super excited about it. There are many styles of RVs these days. I am sure there is one out there with your name on it.  

  3. Wow, I can definitely see how different RV shopping is from regular shopping. You really are looking for a space to call home, with lots of functionality and comfort. I’m happy for you that you chose to start changing the things you wanted to. I feel like the more effort into adjusting and adding things you give, the more a place really does feel like home.

    • Avareth- The really cool part about it is that you can be anywhere in the country checking out all sorts of different things but when you walk through the door of your RV you are in a familiar space. You are truly home.


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