Diet & Exercise On The Road


Ok, let’s be honest. Diet & exercise is not particularly our strong points. However, we are getting better and hope to continue making improvements as we move forward. We have started a low carb/no sugar lifestyle and have started walking every day. Our hope is to get back to our high school weight…YEAH RIGHT!!!…lol.

Seriously, our hope is to just live a healthier lifestyle. We have so many places we want to visit and roads we want to ride that getting sick is just not in our game plan. We removed the stress (well most of it) when we left corporate america and decided to RV full-time. Now it’s time to diet and exercise.

As we figure out what works and doesn’t work for us we will document it here to help you out along the way in your travels. Choose one of the articles below to see how you can change your mindset on diet & exercise.

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Going Keto On The Road
Walking Doesn’t Have To Be Boring