Diet & Exercise On The Road

Diet & Exercise = Not Our Favorite

Our favorite would be more like relax and eat!!! One of our biggest challenges is when we ride our motorcycle or are traveling from one campground to another. Somehow we equate stopping for gas with getting snacks…lol. BTW, if you like to ride check out our motorcycle website!!!

Unfortunately, as we age we need to take better care of our bodies. Especially if we want to be able to travel and explore this beautiful country. While we have found our “diet” part of the equation we still need to work in a little exercise. It also needs to be RV friendly.


When I was a few years younger (just a few…lol) I did the P90X program. While I got great results from it, I am not to sure that would work for me now. Although I do toy around with the idea of starting it extremely modified, I have not as of yet.

The following articles on this page will reflect our KETO lifestyle and the different ways we exercise while being on the road and working full-time.

Let us know your thoughts on diet & exercise while on the road. What do you do? Let us know in the comment section below.

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