Dade Battlefield Historic State Park


One of the first State parks we found while in Florida was literally right down the road from our campground. Dade Battlefield Historic State Park is another one of those little gems you find while in Florida.

Florida State Parks

Since this was our first state park since leaving New York we were a little confused when we pulled up to the booth and no one was there. There was a sign with the fees and an envelope you put them in with a ticket that you pull off and put on your dashboard. Well, that would have worked if we had a We were on the motorcycle.

Dade Battlefield Plaque

We pulled up to a building with a parking lot. After parking, we saw a park ranger. She was extremely nice and helped us solve the “where to put the ticket” problem. She went on to explain the park and its history. She told us to make sure we watched the short video inside the little museum type building. We did and I highly recommend you do also. It explained the complete history of the park.

Take Nothing

There was a nice little nature walk, a playground for kids, and if you’re into Geocaching, there was one of those too. It was a great little park with a friendly Ranger and workers. If you’re in the area and like to combine nature, history, and a stroll, this is the place.

Date Of Visit: December 2016


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TAOW Dade Battlefield

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