Crownful Ice Maker Review

Review Of The Crownful Ice Maker

One of the many challenges we face being on the road is keeping a steady supply of ice. You wouldn’t think that of us because we have two well one and a half refrigerators. That should be plenty to keep our drinks cold right? Well sort of.

We Like Our Drinks Cold

We like our drinks really cold. We can take a drink out of the fridge and for whatever reason, it’s never cold enough. We are always adding ice to our drinks even when most people would say they are cold enough. Since we workamp a lot and usually get ice for free or at a discount you would probably wonder why in the world we would buy an ice machine.

It’s Annoying To Bang On The Ground

The truth is that we have found that most times the bags of ice that are sold at campgrounds or wherever we are staying are usually a bunch of pieces that have melted and re-froze into one block of ice. Now we have to bang it on the ground to get useable pieces to add to our drinks. Quite frankly it’s annoying. We said many times during our travels that we needed to get ourselves an ice machine. That time has come. We finally pulled the trigger a couple of months ago.

This review is after using the machine for a couple of months on a regular basis. So what do we think? Let’s start with some specifications:

Dimensions14.6″ x 14.2″ x 2″ x 10.7″
Water Reservoir Capacity1.8 Liters
Ice Basket Capacity.8 Liter
Ice Cube Production In 24 Hours26 lbs
Current1.7 Amps
Included With Purchase1-Ice Maker, 1-Ice Basket, 1- Ice Scoop

What Have We Found

This Crownful Countertop Ice Maker comes in two colors and sizes. We chose the stainless one over the black one. The stainless one was a little larger. After receiving the ice machine and unpacking it our first impressions were that it might be a little large for our countertop. It turns out we “kinda” found a spot that works. At first glance, it looked pretty straight forward. You add water to the max fill line, place the basket into it, and turn it on. That’s it.

Super Simple To Operate

As it turns out it really is that simple. If the basket fills it will stop making ice and a red light will start flashing until you empty the basket. Speaking of lights there are 3 lights and a power button in the control panel located on the top of the machine.

Ice Full Light On

30 Minutes After Moving

Before operating the ice maker it is recommended you wait 30 minutes after the machine has been moved/set up. When you are ready to make some ice you will plug in the machine. After plugging in the machine the green “ice” button will start flashing. Open the lid and add water into the reservoir up to the max fill line. We use filtered water.

You’re Now Making Ice!!!

Once you have added the water place the ice bucket into the machine and close the lid. Press the blinking green “ice” button and it will change from blinking to solid. That’s it!!! You are now making ice!!! When you have your desired amount of ice you will push the on/off button once. This will cause the green “ice” light to start flashing again. Then unplug the machine. That’s it you are done.

We Use 1 Gallon Freezer Bags

We usually use it until we have two one-gallon freezer bags full. We usually start early in the morning and have to fill it a couple of times. The ad says it makes approx 9 ice cubes in 7-15 minutes. The cubes are fairly small and are bullet style. They are actually a perfect size for a drink.

Ice basket

Below are our actual results on the amount of time to fill one basket of ice. One basket of ice is when the “ice full” light starts flashing. We found that it takes about 3 or 4 full baskets to fill a 1-gallon bag. Below are the actual times it took to make 3 full baskets of ice which are close to a 1-gallon bag.

Actual Results

1st Basket After Turning Machine On3 Hours 16 Minutes
2nd Basket1 Hour 21 Minutes
3rd Basket1 Hour 50 Minutes
Almost A Full Gallon Freezer Bag
Ice In The Bag

If you are having people over for drinks you may want to start it up a few hours before they arrive. That way you will be guaranteed ice for their drinks. In the months we have owned this we have no complaints. The Crownful Countertop Ice Maker has worked well for us and the ice comes out perfectly every time. We also never let our ice bags get down to nothing. We always keep two-gallon-sized freezer bags in the freezer. Once the first one is empty we will start to fill the second bag again.

Even though it’s not the fastest ice maker in the world it seems to function perfectly. We have no regrets with this purchase and recommend it to anyone who goes through as much ice as we do. We also use ice on travel days to keep the our food cold as we travel. Check out our Moving Day & Set-up Tips page.

Do you use an ice maker? What are your thoughts? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think about this ice maker


After 7 months of using this ice maker at least 3 times a week (yes, we use a lot of ice…lol) it started giving us problems. The fan would shut off intermittently which would cause the machine to stop making ice. We would have to turn it on and off, run it through cleaning cycles numerous times, and plug and unplug to get it going again. Since it was only 7 months old we decided to email the company.

To our surprise, they got back to us within 1-2 days and asked for a video of what the machine was doing and the noises it was making. After I sent and they reviewed the email, they sent me a brand new ice machine!!! This one seems to actually be a little faster than the first. We will run some new tests and post the speeds of this machine soon.

In the meantime, I just wanted to mention the excellent customer service we received from Crownful. We love this machine and still recommend it.

Our Review Summary

Crownful Ice Maker

Overall Value
Overall Quality Of Product
Ease Of Set-Up/Use
Ice Cube Quality

Final Thoughts

We have used this machine a lot since we purchased it. One thing that we found out that is proven by the chart above is that for some reason the first batch of ice takes the longest to complete. Since we use this machine when we are off and doing things around the RV it does not bother us that it takes so long. If you need ice before the basket is full you can use the supplied scoop to get some out without removing the basket.



  • Comes With An Ice Scoop
  • Perfect Drink Size/ Shape Cubes
  • Makes Continuous Ice For Gatherings


  • Makes Continuous Ice For Gatherings
  • The Sides Of The Machine Can’t Be Blocked Taking Up More Counter Room Than Expected

2 thoughts on “Crownful Ice Maker Review”

  1. Hi Dennis and Chris…..we have the same ice maker well….we had the same one ours lasted about 1 1/2 years then it took a crap. Yes it is very handy to have we decided not to purchase another one. I think our main reason is it just takes so long to make ice plus I would fill my mug up witch is a 52 oz. and it would take a lot of ice right away. With that being said not a bad machine but I think it is just a little over priced for only lasting 1 1/2 years

    • Tim- It definitely takes longer than we expected to make ice but it’s just the two of us. We usually have one bag in reserves. If we get a year and a half out of it we will be very happy. We were figuring on a year the way we use it. If it makes a year it would have paid for itself and then some…lol… Dennis


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