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As a full-time RV’er or traveler, you will always be looking for ways to make money online. People do many different things to support themselves as they travel. One way that you can make money from anywhere that has an internet connection is to create a blog or website. How is that going to make you money? I’m glad you asked.

Can You Make Money Online?

There are many ways to make money using a website. Some of the more popular ways are affiliate marketing, e-commerce, membership sites, or a combination of all of these. There are also many variations of these items which make the possibilities almost limitless. This article will focus on affiliate marketing. I will cover the other ones in future articles. If you do not know what affiliate marketing is, click on the link below to read our informational article.

Affiliate Marketing

Making money with an affiliate marketing website is by far not a “get rich quick” way to make money. There are a lot of websites out there already and that means a ton of competition. Don’t worry though, there are millions of people searching the web every day. Website building/affiliate marketing will take a lot of dedication and some long hours.

Why Did I Start

Even though it’s a lot of work this is by far my favorite. I do not consider it a “job” because I love working on this site. Making money with it was not even a thought at the time I started. The main reason I was even looking to start a website was to document places we had gone, reflect on experiences that happened to us along the way, and keep our friends and families updated on our shenanigans.

Before I Move On

Searching the internet on articles on how to build a website was overwhelming. At one point I got so frustrated I was starting to doubt if I could do it. I spent countless hours scrolling through internet articles. I had almost given up when I came across an interesting article. I found a site that was promising a lot of good things. Too many good things so I almost scrolled by.

I Was Ready To Move On To The Next Idea

I kept going back to this one company to check them out. One of the things they promised was that you can join for free without giving any bank or credit card info. They promised to not only teach you how to get a website going but they would also host it for you and you could get started for free!!! This was the deciding factor for me to at least try it.

I Knew Nothing

Before I go any further my knowledge of website building and affiliate marketing started with one company. This company has taught me everything about website building & affiliate marketing that I would need to know to get started and continue on.

I have been a member of this company for many years and absolutely love and highly recommend them if you are serious about getting into affiliate marketing or anything else pertaining to website building.

You Should Know

I am an affiliate of this company and if you click on certain links to join I will receive a small commission. If you do wind up joining look for “Starrider” within the community. Thats me!!! I will be more than happy to help you in any way I can.

That Being Said

Working on this site is like my therapy. I love researching topics, helping other people, meeting people, and solving problems. It also serves as a way for Chris and me to remember all the cool places we go to!!!

If you are going to rely on a website for your sole income, I recommend you start one long before you hit the road. It could possibly take 6 months to a year or even longer to start seeing any income.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy. To get started you will obviously need a website. Just pick a topic that you love to talk/write about. Once you have your topic, now you will need a name. A lot of people get hung up on this and I am not saying to rush through it but don’t get caught up in the naming process. Just let it flow.

Is My Name Available?

Ok, so now you have a perfect topic (niche) and your website name so what’s next? First you will have to see if that name is available. You have to remember there are millions if not billions of websites out there.

Make The Purchase

After checking the availability of your name it’s time to purchase it. There are many places to purchase a URL (your domain name) and most even have their own hosting. Oh yeah, I should mention that along with your website name (your URL) you will need a company to host it.

Below is a list of a few companies where you can buy a URL and get hosting. There are many more but these are some of the more well-known ones.

  • Wealthy Affiliate (Our Choice)
  • Go Daddy
  • Name Cheap
  • Wix

No Knowledge

It all sounds a little confusing right? It was for us. I had no knowledge of how to build a website or what hosting was. I knew I wanted to build a website but had no idea where to start.

Why I Chose Wealthy Affiliate

There are plenty of other options out there where you can buy URLs and hosting from but most lack other key components like training, community, and good tech support. You have to be comfortable with whoever you go with. You don’t want to have to spend most of your time trying to figure things out on your own or waiting for tech support to get back to you to fix an issue or answer a question. Your time is better spent writing articles and having fun with it.

The reasons listed below are just a few of the reasons we chose this company.

  • Free To Try out (My number 1 reason)
  • Ongoing Training
  • URL Purchases
  • Hosting
  • Weekly Live Training
  • A Large Community To Socialize and/or Help With Any Problems You May Run Into
  • 24/7 Tech Support

I have been with this company for years and have never had to think about where I am going to find information about anything to do with websites or affiliate marketing.

Once you join you have full access to everything except any pieces of training past the first certification level (10 lessons) for 7 days. After 7 days you lose some of the features but can still build a website. It’s like test-driving a car!!!

If you would like to learn more about this company feel free to email me or click on one of the links below.

Wealthy Affiliate

Email Me Your Question

Final Thoughts

Website building/affiliate marketing/blogging is highly competitive. You will definitely have to put in long hours and hard work to get it off the ground. You will also need patience. I will sum this up by giving you some of the pros and cons of this way of making income.


  • Work From Anywhere There Is An Internet Connection
  • No Inventory To Carry
  • Relatively Inexpensive To Get Started (Free With W/A)


  • Lots Of Competition
  • You Will Need To Put In Long Hours
  • Can Take Years Before You See Any Sustainable Income

I hope this gives you a good look at website building/affiliate marketing. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them down below. I would love to know what you are thinking.

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