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Comstock Covered Bridge

14 Bridge Street
Colchester, CT
Date of Visit – September 6, 2018

Bike In Front Of Comstock Covered Bridge


We love covered bridges. Not sure what the attraction is but we and our motorcycle keep seeking them out, finding them and enjoying them. We were workamping in KOA Mystic the summer of 2018 and while in CT we found the Comstock Covered Bridge. 

The Comstock Covered Bridge is one of three covered bridges in CT. We picked Comstock because it was the closest to the campground we were staying in. It is located at 14 Bridge Street at the junction of Colchester and East Hampton. The bridge crosses the Salmon River.

It Was Built In 1875 And Was Uncovered

It was used for local traffic and pedestrians crossing the river. In 1873 the bridge was upgraded and made more attractive by adding wooden Pony truss Formation. The bridge was re-born as the Comstock Covered Bridge. In the 1930s the bridge was rehabilitated to support the weight of the covering.

On the day we visited the bridge we arrived in the late afternoon. We noted there was a sign indicating the Salmon River Trail which is part of the blue-blazed hiking trail system. We love our hikes but upon a review of the sign and the distance of the trail, we decided to return another day and do the hike. Unfortunately, we did not get back to the area while in CT. 

Final Thoughts

We really enjoyed this covered bridge and the river beneath it. There are gardens near the bridge maintained by The Belltown Garden Club of East Hampton. The bridge and the surrounding area are well maintained. If we were to return to the area we would definitely hike the Salmon River Trail.

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*****New Jersey*****


Green Sergeant’s Covered Bridge

707 Rosemont Ringoes Rd.
Stockton, NJ
Date of Visit: 6/29/14

Green Sargents Covered Bridge

Anyone who knows us knows we love visiting covered bridges. One of our group motorcycle rides brought us to Green Sergeant’s Covered Bridge in New Jersey, which was built in 1872 and is the last covered bridge in the state. It should be noted that according to “the locals” the correct way to pronounce “Sergeant” is “sir-gent” as it is named for a local mill operator, Richard Green Sergeant.

The Bridge Spans The Wickecheoke Creek

The bridge spans the Wickecheoke Creek near the border between the Hunterdon Plateau and Amwell Valley located in Delaware Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. The surrounding area is beautiful and peaceful. Surrounding the creek are many trees and it has many rocks.

When cars came on the scene drivers had to stop and honk before crossing the one-lane span. So, an eastbound uncovered concrete lane was added to solve that situation.

Rebuilt In 1961

The bridge had fallen into disrepair by 1960 and plans were made for a modern bridge to replace it. When local residents strongly requested that the structure be preserved, in 1961 the 84-foot bridge was re-built using materials from the original covered bridge.

Final Thoughts

We have noted that many covered bridges we have visited are located in rural areas crossing small bodies of water with a lot of trees nearby. The Green Sergeant’s Covered Bridge is one of these and does not disappoint. If you are like us and enjoy these bridges we encourage you to seek this one out.

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*****North Carolina*****


Pisgah Covered Bridge

6925 Pisgah Covered Bridge Rd.
Asheboro, NC
Date of Visit: September 2018

Pisgah Covered Bridge


When we were visiting friends in North Carolina and staying at Zooland Family Campground they told us about this covered bridge located six miles from the campground. 

The Pisgah Covered Bridge is a wooden covered bridge that crosses the west fork of the Little River in Randolph County, North Carolina. It is one of two remaining original historic covered bridges in the state. We noted, unfortunately, that there was quite a bit of graffiti on the bridge.

Behind the bridge is a quarter-mile trail that goes through the woods on site. The trail has quite a few footbridges and views of the river.

Final Thoughts

The bridge is located within the Uwharrie National Forest and the surrounding area is quiet and peaceful. We walked the trail while we were there and we enjoyed it. We would definitely recommend stopping by this covered bridge and walking the nature walk if you are in the area. 


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*****Rhode Island*****


Swamp Meadow Covered Bridge

105A Central Pike
Foster, RI
Date of Visit – September 2018

Swamp Meadow Covered Bridge


While we were staying at Whispering Pines Campground in RI in September in 2018 we found the Swamp Meadow Covered Bridge. During our travels we will search the internet for covered bridges nearby the campground we stay at. The bridge was about 25 miles north of the campground so we jumped on the motorcycle and off we went. 

It is located on Central Pike in the town of Foster and it is the only covered bridge on a public road in RI and it crosses over the Hemlock Brook.

It Was Burned By Vandals In 1993

The covered bridge was proposed to be built over an existing steel bridge in honor of the 350th birthday of the state of Rhode Island. All of the wood was donated by Providence Water Supply and all of the work constructing the bridge was done by volunteers. The proposed date to build came in 1986 and it was dedicated on May 23, 1993. Sadly, the bridge was burned by vandals in September 1993. Twelve days after the fire plans were made to re-build and the bridge was dedicated on November 5, 1994.

Final Thoughts

This was a pretty little bridge in a very nice treed area. One unique thing we found was a sign next to the bridge titled “Rates of Toll.” These were the amounts charged for crossing the bridge. This is the only covered bridge we have visited that had tolls posted.

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Windsor Vermont/Cornish New Hampshire

Cornish Windsor Bridge


This covered bridge was another we visited while we were at  Quechee/Pine Valley KOA in Vermont. This one was about 17 miles from the campground. The bridge spans the Connecticut River connecting Cornish, NH and Windsor, VT, and is maintained by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation.

449 Feet Long

This covered bridge at approximately 449 feet was the longest wooden covered bridge in the United States until the Smolen-Gulf Bridge opened in Ohio. It is the longest two-span covered bridge in the world.

There were three bridges built on the site by 1828 and all three were destroyed by floods. The current bridge was built in 1866 at a cost of $9,000.

Final Thoughts

We really enjoyed seeing this very long covered bridge which has been restored and was in beautiful condition at the time of our visit. It should be noted that there is a small parking area on the New Hampshire side of the bridge, along Route 12A, for anyone wishing to stop and take photos.

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Taftsville Covered Bridge

Woodstock, VT
Date of Visit: July 2015

Taftsville Covered Bridge


We spent the first summer with our Salem Hemisphere travel trailer taking several trips off Long Island. One of our trips was to Quechee/Pine Valley KOA in Vermont. While we were there we searched the internet for covered bridges and found the Taftsville Covered Bridge in Woodstock, VT. It was 6.5 miles from the campground. 

The Bridge Spans The Ottauquechee River

The bridge spans the Ottauquechee River. It is among the oldest remaining covered bridges both in Vermont and the nation as a whole. It is the oldest covered bridge in Windsor County and the third oldest in the state. It is the second longest covered bridge in Vermont.

The first covered bridge was built in the early 1800s and there have been several that were washed away. The bridge built in 1836 stands today as the modern Taftsville Bridge. It was built with local wood and stone at a cost of $1,800. 

Final Thoughts

The bridge is painted red which makes it really stand out. We have visited many covered bridges and this is the only one we have seen that is painted, so far.

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Woodstock Middle Bridge 

Mountain Avenue
Woodstock, VT
Date of Visit: July 2015

Woodstock Covered Bridge

This is another covered bridge we visited while we were at Quechee/Pine Valley KOA in Vermont. This one was about 10 miles from the campground. 

The bridge spans the Ottauquechee River and it was originally an iron bridge that was used since 1877. The bridge was totally rebuilt in 1969 by Milton Graton. In 1974 arsonists set fire to the bridge and it took almost three years to rebuild at a cost of approximately $55,000.00.

It is the first covered bridge built in the 19th century. Many early bridges being made of wood were exposed to the elements and roofs were constructed to protect them. 

The  Woodstock Middle Bridge is unique in that a sidewalk or walkway is part of the bridge. Many covered bridges have one lane for vehicles and pedestrians so this separate walkway is a nice feature.

Final Thoughts

This covered bridge is located in a very picturesque area with great views of the Ottauquechee River. One of the reviews said there was a Geocache nearby. At the time we were not into Geocaching as much as we are now. If you are, leave a comment below if you found it.

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