Cosco 17′ Multi-Position Ladder System Review


Being out on the road full-time presents many challenges. You definitely can not carry a lot of stuff with you. There is simply no room. What you must determine is what items are going to give you more bang for your buck. What items have more than one purpose?

Ladder In Open

Being in an RV is like living in a house on many levels. It’s just a smaller scale. When you live in a house, you need to do routine maintenance. When you live in an RV you have routine maintenance.

The maintenance you perform on ground level is no big deal. What about when you need to get on top of something? In a house, you may have to paint up high whether it be ceilings or outside second story shutters, cleat gutters, or chimney and roof maintenance just to name a few.

Stairway Ladder
Stairway Ladder

In an RV you have cleaning and waxing the high points of your unit, roof cleaning, a/c maintenance, or any repairs from low hanging trees you might have gone under and anything else that may pop up. Solar panels are becoming more popular with RVers today. Wifi or cell phone booster antennas that attach to the roof are also a must-have these days to stay connected to the internet.

How do you handle all these jobs without carrying a bunch of different size ladders? You can carry one big oversized one so you will always be able to get as high as you need but that is a little overkill. It also takes up a lot of space. In a house, you probably have plenty of room to carry different size ladders or one really big one. Why would you want to waste space like that?


What if you could get a ladder that folded up small for storage, opened up to a full 17’, could be configured from anything from a step ladder all the way up to a straight ladder? What if this ladder supported a weight of up to 300 lbs (other models support lighter/heavier weight)? We found that ladder.

Before I retired from my job, we went full time and stayed at local county and state parks. The time limits on the state park were 2 weeks and the county was one week. This meant a lot of moving around.

Each time we moved we needed a way to get to the top of the slide and clean it off before we brought it in. We also needed to periodically get to the small track gutters on both sides of the RV roof to clean them out so the leaves wouldn’t block the water drainage.

Extension Ladder
Extension Ladder

We have a built-in ladder at the back of the RV. I absolutely would not trust it. At the time I weighed in at about 300lbs. I tried to climb the RV ladder a few times and it felt like it would pull right off the back wall. I needed a ladder that would support my weight.

Then we found this ladder. We have heard about these types of ladders and even saw an infomercial on them. They were crazy expensive. We searched around and found this one at Walmart. (It Is Now Available Cheaper With Free Shipping Through Amazon). It was less than half the price of the infomercial ladder. We figured we would give it a try. This thing has been amazing for us. I am up and down this thing all the time and never feel like I am in jeopardy of it collapsing. I can adjust it to the height I need and I can even extend it all the way and get onto the roof to service the air conditioner.

Ladder At Back Of Truck

I can only imagine the uses you can put it to if you are a homeowner. Because of the way you can configure it you can even use it around your stairs!!!

The pins to adjust it took me some getting used to and I even pinched my finger a few times in the beginning but now I am a pro. This ladder is sturdy, well constructed, and lightweight at only about 35lbs. 

We found the cheapest price for this ladder at Amazon. If you order it through Amazon you can have it shipped to you for free!!!

Oh, by the way, I found a use for our built-in RV ladder. I tie this ladder to it when we travel!!!

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Manufacturer: Cosco
Max Height: 17’ 
Material: Aluminum
Model #: 20127T1ASE
Weight Capacity: 300lbs
Product Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 23 x 54.9 Inches
Best Price: Amazon/ Free Shipping

Our Review Summary

Cosco 17′ Multi-Position Ladder

Overall Value
Build Quality
Locking Mechanism Quality

Final Thoughts

This ladder comes in all lengths and weight capacities. If they are all as well built as the one we purchased you should never have any problems. Our ladder stays outside the RV in all kinds of weather and it still looks and works like new.



  • Multi Configurations
  • Flared Legs
  • Slip Resistant Feet
  • Positive Locking Hinges
  • Mill Aluminum Finish
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • No Indicator To Show When Hinges Are Locked

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