Convenience Concepts Modern Student Desk

Convenience Concepts Modern Student Desk


Overall Value


Ease Of Set Up









  • Lightweight
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Great For Small Spaces
  • Easy To Clean
  • No Tools Needed To Assemble


  • Side and Backing Plates Between Top Two Layers Came Apart During Travel
  • Directions Sheet Vague

Before purchasing this desk, I used to sit on a reclining chair, put the keyboard on my lap, and place the mouse & monitor on an old tv stand. While this sounds comfortable (it was…lol) it was not very healthy. I would sometimes be in that chair most of the day.

Needed To Make A Change

I knew I had to make a change. I had to get a different set-up. One that would allow me to work in comfort and be easy to get up and walk away from so I could stretch. The recliner was comfortable but once you were in it you just did not want to get up for any reason.

The search was on. I started looking for a desk. Since I live in an RV It had to be practical, durable, and lightweight. This RV came with 2 reclining chairs. Each one weighed about 50 pounds. We had given one away so this desk would be replacing the chair which meant it had to stay around the 50-pound weight.

Damaged Box

When an RV moves down the road, it’s like a house in an earthquake. Everything inside shakes and rattles as we drive down the road. For this reason, I needed it to be fairly durable. We have hooks on the wall that are meant to tie down the reclining chairs. Since one chair was gone, that leaves a set of hooks that could be used to tie down the desk on moving days.

After searching many designs and shopping almost every online market, I came across this desk. The dimensions were perfect for the space I had allowed for it. It was a very basic desk and came with an open design which meant it could be easily strapped to the wall on moving days.

Lettered Parts

The day it was delivered, I was a little nervous. The box it was shipped in was completely destroyed. It looked like it fell out of a truck and bounced down the road. I opened what was left of the box and laid out all the pieces on the floor. To my surprise, everything was in good shape.

The directions to put the desk together were ok at best but it was easy enough to figure out. In less than a half an hour, the desk was together and against the wall. It was a perfect fit!!! The desk looks great and is very sturdy. The computer set up, weather radio, and wi-fi booster repeater fits perfect.


I have moved the location a few times since the original set up and there were no structural issues in doing so. We have traveled about 1500 miles and 5 different campgrounds since this purchase and there has only been one problem. During the moves, some of the pieces that form the sides and back and go between the desk and the second layer fell out. As it turns out, I have left them out and it works better for me. They had nothing to do with the desk’s structure so it has not been a problem that affects the sturdiness of the desk. As a matter of fact, it actually makes it easier to strap the desk to the wall now!!!

Overall if you are looking for an economical workstation and don’t have a lot of room, this might be the answer. Lightweight and durable make this a perfect addition to someone who travels in an RV and works from the road.

Manufacturer: Convenience Concepts
Height: 30 inches
Assembled Width: 15.8 inches
Assembled Length: 47.2 inches
Weight: 48 pounds
Available Colors (Choosing a color other than black will change the price)– Blue, Cherry, Espresso, Grey, Light Oak, Pink, and White
Best Place To Buy: Amazon

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