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Conoco Tower And U-Drop Inn Cafe


It was a beautiful day so we decided to take the motorcycle for a little spin. We wanted to cover RT 66 while in Texas. Which way should we go? Since we are camping in Amarillo, we are sort of in the middle. Today we chose to go east.

Texas Sign

It was about a 75-mile ride from the KOA in Amarillo so we decided to stop at the rest area on I 40. Turns out the rest area also doubles as a tornado shelter!!! After a bathroom break, some reading nostalgic signs inside the rest area, and having a little snack, we were back on the road.

Once leaving the rest area it was a straight run out to exit 161. Your ride down the interstate will be filled with many sections of wind turbines. Once exiting off the interstate, follow RT 66 down to Main St. On the corner of RT 66 and Main St on your left will be Conoco Tower and the U-Drop Inn Cafe.

Pumps From Behind

Built in 1936, it was originally designed to be 3 buildings. A gas station, a cafe, and a small retail store. The retail store actually became overflow seating for the Cafe. Once the interstate was built, sections of RT 66 was decommissioned and Shamrock was one of the city’s that the interstate bypassed. By 1990 the building was starting to fall into disrepair and operations were shut down for good. It was eventually bought by First National Bank of Shamrock in 1999 and then gave it to the city of Shamrock. From there the restorations started.

Inside Cafe View
Cafe Server

When we walked in, we found the two employees who were there extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They explained the history of the place to us and encouraged to walk around and take pictures. The way it’s set up now is the station is out front. When you walk around the side you enter the gift shop which is still attached to the Cafe part.

Cafe Waitress

After walking around and of course having a couple of RT 66 sodas and taking pictures we head outside to check out the back of the place. As we head around back we came upon multiple Tesla charging stations. I’m not sure how historic that is…lol

Tesla Charging Station

If you are going to be out exploring RT 66 and you are near Shamrock, this is a cool little place to stop into. We stopped by during the day but I believe if you drive by at night they have neon lights lighting up the tower.

Old Tow Truck

Date Of VisitJune 2017

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