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Cloud Museum


Someone at our campground had been out on a ride and told us about a museum he passed that looked like it had a bunch of old Model T’s and Model A’s. So while we were out putting together a loop ride for our scenic rides series it only made sense to stop in as we passed it.

Be Prepared For The Loud Siren

As you pull into the parking lot you will see a collection of old cars, wagons, and equipment that line the fence and side perimeters. There is an entrance through the fence about halfway down that leads you into the yard. Be aware that once you walk through the gate entrance a loud siren sounds letting the owner know someone has entered.

Pay Box Located Right Inside The Gate

As we entered we found a small metal box that you can put your entrance fees in. We put our money in and when we were deciding where to start an employee on a quad came by. Turns out she and her husband were work campers and were helping out for a few months. She was super nice and gave us a little rundown of the place and the owner. She told us the owner would be returning shortly as he was out doing errands.

Meet The Owner

The owner, John Cloud, came back while we chatted with the work camper and introduced himself. He asked if we had any questions and said he would be around should we have any questions while we were there. The atmosphere at this museum was nothing less than super friendly.

This collection of cars, trucks, machinery, vintage tools, old car parts, and much much more is all the collection of Mr. Cloud himself. This museum will take you back to Bard in the early 1900s.

See If You Have Any Mail At The Post Office

Besides the vehicle and machinery part of his displays, he has also set up some buildings as they were way back when. Things like a post office and general store. We liked the post office which had a safe and some old PO boxes.

The whole time your walking around the owner or staff is there to answer any questions you may have.  You can spend as little or as much time as you like walking around. My guess is you will spend time reading about all the old stuff and thinking about what it was like way back when.

Final Thoughts

Even though the location of this place is off the beaten path, we would suggest if you are in the area to stop by, say hello to John, and view a little piece of Bard history. Although many of the cars and displays were rusty, they were still able to bring you back to a time before automation and electricity ruled machinery.

Hours: 7 Days A Week 9AM-4Pm (Except On Hot Summer Days)
Fees: $5 Per Person

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