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Class C Motorhomes


Class C motorhomes are in between Class A and Class B motorhomes in size. They are built on a cut-away van or truck chassis. The class c motorhome and chassis usually come together from the same manufacturer and the “camper” body is put on afterward by a different manufacturer. They can usually be spotted by their pick up/ van like front appearance with a piece of the camper part (usually a bed) hanging over the cab. Some areas over the bed are now being made for storage and entertainment equipment usage now. Some Class C’s are being built on larger truck frames and are just as large as Class A motorhomes. Those are being designated as “Super” C’s.

Super C
The Phantom By Nexus is an example of a Super C

As with Class A’s and B’s the C’s are no exception to the motor option. They are available with gas or diesel motors. You will have more storage than a Class B motorhome but not as much as a Class A. Also, the amount of weight you can tow (if you want to tow a vehicle or trailer) will be less than a Class A.

Pros and Cons


Big enough for families
The space above the cab can be used for extra storage if no one is sleeping there
Less money to maintain than a typical class a motorhome
Completely self-contained including bathroom and shower
Less money to purchase than a typical Class A


If you want to tour the local area, you will either have to unhook and maneuver around town or tow a separate vehicle
Maintenance and repair costs while cheaper than a Class A are still pricey
Not as many “luxury” items as a Class A
The part of the body that hangs over the cab is prone to leaking due to cracking over time

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