Class A Motorhomes


Class A motorhomes are arguably the most expensive type of Rv. They are self-propelled meaning they are not towed by another vehicle They come with 2 different motor types. Gas and diesel. The gas motors are usually up front while the diesel motors are usually located in the rear. Those are referred to as diesel pushers. They vary in length but can get up to approx 45 feet.

Diesel Vs Gas

Diesel-powered motorhomes are more powerful than their gas counterparts. Therefore you can take more “stuff” with you. They usually have onboard air compressors. Most will have air brakes and air suspension which makes for a safe comfortable ride. Most have exhaust retarders to help slow the vehicle on steep declines without heating up the brakes. Also, having the engine in the rear makes it a lot quieter up front while you are driving.

Gas-powered motorhomes are generally not as large as diesel because the engine is not as powerful as a diesel. Therefore you will have to leave some of that “stuff” behind that you were going to take in the diesel one. You will also have a tougher time climbing those hills on the way to your next destination. They generally cost less to service than diesel and it is a little easier to find someone to repair or maintain a gas engine than it is a diesel one. Lastly, you are probably not going to find too many gas motorhomes with air suspension or air brakes.

Class A Gasser
Typical Class A Gas Model
Diesel Pusher
Class A Motorhome. Diesel Pusher

Basic Class A Pros and Cons


  • They are basically a condo on wheels. Most have their own washers and dryers.
  • They have basement style storage compartments below the main living area
  • Most Have Automatic leveling systems. Either electric or hydraulic-
  • Most come with many add-on luxury options-
  • Great for travelers who move around a lot due to easy setup and break down
  • Large interior space


  • Due to their size, they are intimidating to drive
  • Costs are very high for fuel, insurance, repair, and maintenance
  • If you want to sightsee in an area you are camping in and not have to maneuver this huge beast through local municipalities, you will need to tow a car behind
  • If you full-time RV and breakdown, you will either have to get a hotel room or sleep in a repair shop parking lot

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