Workamping Experiences:KOA Milton

Cleaning AC Cover

Brief Explanation Each time we complete a workamping job we post an article detailing how we got it, how it went, whether we enjoyed it and any lessons learned. If you have not checked out our other workamping experiences we will leave links to them below. The Click ChickKOA AmarilloLake City RV ResortKOA MysticSundance RV … Read more

Workamping Experiences: KOA Ouray

Chris And Dennis Ouray

Heading To Ouray While staying at Sundance RV Resort in Yuma Arizona for the winter, we started looking for a summertime gig. We spoke with a lot of campgrounds but the interview that went the best was with the KOA in Ouray Colorado. After our hour-long interview, we accepted the position of housekeeper couple. We … Read more

Workamping Experiences: Sundance RV Resort

Sundance Office

Arizona Here We Come Back when we were in Lake City, Florida, I took the winter off due to a failed workamping experience (see workamper experiences Lake City) and Chris was working at Publix part-time. When she was off and the weather was nice we enjoyed visiting state parks. Unexpected Phone Call One day while … Read more

Workamper Experiences: KOA Mystic


After leaving Lake City RV Resort we settled in nicely at Casey Jones RV Park. While staying there we waited until after the holidays and started our search for a workamping job for the summer. We use several methods to find jobs so please visit our “ how to make money on the road” page … Read more

Workamper Experiences: Lake City RV Resort

Golf Cart Lake City

This is the third part of our workamping series. We hope you are enjoying and learning from our series. If you missed the first two articles, you can check them out by clicking on one of the following links. “The Click Chick” “KOA Amarillo“ Now that you’re caught up let’s move on. As we were … Read more

Work Camper Experiences: KOA Amarillo

Putting Up The Flag

This is the second part of our work camper experiences. In this series, we are taking each one of our work camping experiences and detailing how we got the job, what the job was like, and our overall thoughts on the job. Part 1 had to do with spending our first season full-timing down in … Read more

Work Camper Experiences: The Click Chick


Welcome to the first part of our work camping series. In this series, we are going to take each work camping job we have had to this point and detail the experiences. Things like how did we get the job, what made us take the job, what did the job entail, and the overall experience … Read more

Deciding If A Campground Job Is For You

Putting Up The Flag

Last week I started talking about workamping. I brought up different ways you could be making money while out traveling. I spoke about the mindset of working on the road. I mentioned both working on and off campgrounds. Working off campgrounds can cover a wide variety of jobs. Too wide for the scope of this … Read more