Campfire & General RV Tips


Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires Do you remember that saying from the “Smoky The Bear” commercials? Well, it holds true today as much as it did when that commercial first came out in 1947. According to Wikipedia, it was created by the National Forest Service with artist Albert Staehle. Almost Everyone Enjoys A Good Campfire … Read more

Interior Tips

Foil In Window

Turtle Wax Your Toilet This tip was given to me by one of the campers at the campground we are staying at. I don’t know how effective it is but it made sense to me so I will share it. Only For Porcelain Toilets…I Think This is only if you have a porcelain toilet in … Read more

Moving Day And Set Up Tips

Manual Crank

Was That Our Tire? Did you ever see your tire roll by you as you were driving down the interstate? We sure hope not!!! Seriously though, not checking your lug nuts before you head out on the road can have some detrimental effects. How Do Lug Nuts Loosen Up? Lug nuts can loosen over time … Read more

Electrical System Tips

50 Amp Surge Protector

Time To Step Up Your Protection Earlier we talked about getting surge protection at the pedestal. We showed you a good little surge protector you can use. It uses lights to warn you of any potential problems at the campground pedestal. It works great and does the job. To get you started at least. Now … Read more

Water System Tips

Camco Water Filter

Why Does Our RV Look Like A Waterfall? Here is a quick tip that a few people I know could have used. If you are going to be away from your RV for any length of time, shut your water off at the spigot. A water line can spring a leak for multiple reasons at … Read more