Escapees Membership


The Escapees RV Club is very similar to the Good Sam Club. They both offer various discounts to their members, they both offer additional “paid for” services like roadside assistance and mailboxes and they both have little groups and charters. The main difference between them is that Escapees is also an RV’er rights group. They … Read more

Good Sam Membership

Good Sam Card

The Club People Love To Hate What can I say? This is the club people love to hate. If you were to follow any of the thousands of RV and camping Facebook or any other type of social media boards, you will see this club talked about over and over. The Good Sam Club was … Read more

Should You Join Passport America

Passport America Card

In my last blog, I told you how we brainstorm about every 6 months. Today I want to talk about our newest membership. This one not only made the cut but has a bright future as far as our memberships go. It is Passport America.  You Save 50% It’s a 50% off membership that we … Read more

KOA Campground Membership

KOA Value Card

Every six months Chris and I have brainstorming sessions. In these sessions, we go over things like travel plans, memberships, and maintenance items that we have “overlooked”. We also talk about things like what items have we used and what is collecting dust. Then it’s time to decide actions on each topic/item that comes up. … Read more