How Am I Going To Get My Mail?


Welcome This is one of the most asked questions on the RV boards and groups. We have also been asked numerous times ourselves. We wrote a quick blog on this back in 2016. We were just getting started then. We have learned a lot in two years and thought it would be a good time … Read more

How To Handle Mechanical Failures

Old Electric Jack

Oh No!!! Now What??? When everything is working properly mechanical failures are the furthest things from people’s minds. What happens at the moment something goes wrong? What do you do? How do you handle it? The best and most important way to handle a mechanical breakdown of any kind is to try and stay calm. Getting all … Read more

Pyramids Of Poop- How To Avoid Getting Them

Bathroom Signage

Welcome About a year ago I posted some information on the proper care and maintenance of your black tanks. Based on some of the posts and comments I have seen on social media, I think it’s a good time to update my original posts. Everyone loves to camp but nobody likes to think about black … Read more

How To Properly Check Into A Campground After Hours

Night Reggy

We Are Not Going To Make It!!! What would you do if you had a reservation for a campground but after a day of traffic and other delays you find you will not make it. What if you are like us and travel long distances to get to your destination and will need multiple stops … Read more

How To Keep Your RV Cool

Foil In Window

Welcome Oh, baby, it’s hot out!!!. The temps here have been hovering around 100 degrees. The bigger problem is the sun. When it comes around in the afternoon, the sun blazes right through 4 of our windows. Even with our shades down, we were running temps (on the inside of the shade) at over 110 … Read more

How High Are You?

Extension Ladder

Welcome This tip is actually very important and should really be done as soon as you buy your RV and bring it home. Your tip this week is to know your RV height!!!. Knowing your RV height can possibly save you some from pretty embarrassing and expensive moments. Do not trust the dealer. Do your … Read more