Power Watchdog Review

Power Watchdog Box

Hughes Autoformer/Power Watchdog Surge Protector Review Surge protection is one of those things that should never be skipped on while out in your RV. RV parks and campgrounds have a wide array of electrical problems and while most can be minor some may just melt down your RV’s electrical system leading to costly repairs or … Read more

Crownful Ice Maker Review

Ice Machine Box

Review Of The Crownful Ice Maker One of the many challenges we face being on the road is keeping a steady supply of ice. You wouldn’t think that of us because we have two well one and a half refrigerators. That should be plenty to keep our drinks cold right? Well sort of. We Like … Read more

SOONHUA External Battery Charger

SOONHUA External Battery Charger

Why Do You Need An External Battery Charger? In today’s day and age, everyone is using electronics. Cell phones, iPads, Kindles, and notebooks are more popular than ever. Some people use them moderately and some never put them down!!! Any Candy Crush or Angry Birds users around?…lol. Being on the road full time introduces a … Read more

Winegard Pathway X2 Satellite Antenna Review

Wineguard X2

When we checked into a campground in Florida for 5 months and found out there were no cable hook-ups we decided to take a look at satellite options. We did not know a lot about satellite tv as we have never had it before. Needs To Work Everywhere A few things we did know is that we did … Read more

Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker Review

Keurig With Travel Mug

If you know me you know I love my coffee. The day just does not get started without a cup. Sometimes the day does not end without one either…lol I have had a few Keurig’s and many “Mr. Coffee” style coffee makers over the years. The ease of the Keurig has always been impressive. I … Read more

EMS- PT30X Review


Campground pedestals are the most highly used items in a campground. If you think about it everyone that comes in and out of that campground is plugging into a pedestal. It only stands to reason that eventually there is going to be a problem somewhere down the line. You made a large investment when you … Read more