Ash Fork RT 66

Ash Fork Sign

In the early 1800s the area that is now known as Ash Fork, Arizona was primarily used by traders and fur trappers on their way from Santa Fe to Los Angeles. It was established in 1882 after originally a siding of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad (which later went on to become the Santa Fe … Read more

Yuma Territorial Prison

Yuma Prison Sign

Due to gold finds along the Colorado River, Yuma experienced a large population growth around 1858. Yuma was incorporated in 1871. In 1875, $25,000 was approved and budgeted for the construction of the prison. Construction began in April of 1876. Prisoners were used for the construction of this facility and in July of 1876, the … Read more


Kingman 66

The whole idea of us staying at the Grand Railway RV Park was to visit cities along and ride the historic RT 66 in Northern Arizona. One of the stops we made was a town called Kingman. Naturally, the first stop was the Kingman Arizona Visitors Center. Here you will find the Route 66 museum of … Read more


Oatman Sign

After finishing up our work camping gig in Yuma, Arizona, we decided before heading to our next gig in Ouray, Colorado we wanted to do a little RT 66. So after spending a few nights in El Centro, California, we headed to Grand Canyon Railway RV Park (check out our review of this park) which … Read more

Gateway Park

Gateway Park Sign

While we were work camping in Yuma we found Gateway Park. We were in a resort located on Interstate 8 at Exit 14. Gateway  Park is accessible from Interstate 8 by taking Exit 1, Giss Parkway, and is located in downtown historic Yuma on the Colorado River.  Clean And Well Maintained There is a beach … Read more

East Yuma Wetlands

East Yuma Wetlands Sign

While in Yuma we did a lot of exploring as we do when we are workamping in an area. This being our first time in Arizona and Yuma we were eager to check out as much of the city and surrounding area as we could while there.  One Of 5 Parks We Visited The Yuma … Read more

Yuma West Wetlands

West Wetlands

While in Yuma we visited the parks that are part of the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area. The West Wetlands Park is part of the area and is located at the northwest edge of Yuma. Of the five parks included, this one is the largest. The park is a converted landfill comprised of 110 acres … Read more

Historic Gillespie Dam And Bridge

Gillespie Sign With Bike

The Gillespie Dam was built in the early 1920s. It is approximately 1700 feet long and about 56 feet tall. It was a concrete gravity dam located on the Gila River in Arizona. (Wikipedia/Dam) The Gillespie Bridge was completed and opened to traffic in 1927 and became part of US 80. The Gillespie Dam Bridge … Read more

Colorado River State Historic Park

Colorado River State Historic Park Sign

While we were work camping at Sundance RV Resort we enjoyed many day trip adventures and while researching the area we found the Colorado River State Historic Park. It is also known as Yuma Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park and formerly the Yuma Crossing State Historic Park. It is an Arizona state park in the … Read more

Pivot Point Plaza

Steam Locomotive

While we were camping at Sundance RV Resort in Yuma it only made sense to start checking out the Yuma area. We stumbled upon a large steam locomotive sitting on a track in the middle of nowhere. Well, maybe not the middle of nowhere but it is kind of random. It’s located at the end … Read more