New RV Or Repair This One

Picking Up Our New RV

This question has come up quite a few times in the last year. Although we love our RV, we went against what everyone had said when we researched RV’s 6 years ago. Back then we were not sure of what type of RV we should get. We looked at them all. When we sat down … Read more


Picking Up Our New RV

You Made The Decision Ok, so you have made the decision that you are going to live the full-time RV lifestyle. You’re going to get rid of your house/apartment and move into your RV and travel. That’s great, but there’s one small problem. If you’re like everyone else, you have accumulated way too much stuff … Read more

Campground Etiquette

Loud Radio

No matter where we are in the camping season we figured we should talk a little about campground etiquette. Many people have been camping for years and will know most if not all of these simple rules.  Some maybe have bought their first tent or RV and are excited to get out there and to try … Read more

Day Vs Night Driving

On The Road Again

Since going full time in 2016 we have traveled in many different ways. Each way has its pros and cons and I will share with you my thoughts on each one. At the end of this article, I will tell you which is our favorite and why. Method 1 When we left Long Island back … Read more

How To Transport Your Motorcycle

Rampage Motorcycle Lift

Getting your motorcycle from point A to point B is usually pretty easy and straightforward. You just get on it and ride to where you are going. Simple, right? What if you only have a limited time to do a trip? What if you are camping? Where will it fit on/in the RV? We all … Read more

How Do You Deal With Time Zone Differences?

Time Difference

Time Zone Challenges We have arrived in Arizona. It’s hot but at least it’s dry. After dealing with possibly the rainiest summer ever and then rain our whole way out here, the sun is most welcome. We have never been to Arizona so we are expecting to have a blast while we’re here. Since we … Read more

Having Fun With Technology

Apple Products

If you read my post about a month ago about customer service, you know I recently switched from Verizon Wireless to AT&T. I am a big fan of Apple products and all my equipment (computer, phone, and I-pad) are all Apple. Chris on the other hand still had an Android phone.  Since my stuff was … Read more

Why Good Customer Service Is Important

Welcome To Our Campground

We have all been there, we have a problem with something we ordered, bought, or paid for and when we go to straighten it out we get the crankiest, wisecracking, job hating individual ever put on this earth. Either that or we get a very nice person who might want to help but has no idea … Read more