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Caprock Canyons State Park & Trailway


Part of our Canyon Week we went to Caprock Canyon State Park. We had been told about this place by one of the guests that we had been chatting with at the campground we are workamping at.

Caprock Circle Sign
Cool Entranceway Sign

Although located about an hour and a half from where we are in Amarillo, this park did not disappoint. There are numerous camping spots located throughout the park. They also have hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails.

Small Performance Area

The website boasts about the roaming Bison so we decided to take the truck instead of the motorcycle. While we did see Bison we could have taken the motorcycle as they are not running around haplessly. As a matter of fact, the day we were there they were mostly in a field a distance from the road.

View 8
Such Great Views
View 8
Small Rock Tunnel On A Hiking Trail

After making the rounds throughout the park, we were lucky enough to have one cross the road directly in front of us. He headed straight for the water, took a drink, and then went right back across the road to rejoin his friends. I guess he knew we were looking for a photo-op…lol.

Birds 1
Lots Of Birds
View 10
Do You Ever Get Tired Of These Views?

We were impressed with all the different things you can do in this park. With all the different activities they offer, we were primarily just interested in seeing some scenery and wildlife and we got both.

Dog 2
What Are You Looking At?

Along with our Bison friend, we saw some prairie dogs and a mass network of birds. All in all a fun day for us. With the beautiful scenic views, the hiking, biking, horseback riding trails, and camping, we would definitely recommend this park as one to visit for anyone in the area looking for something to do.

Bison 3
And Here Are The Bison
Bison 2
No, I am Not That Close To Him…Telephoto Lens!!!

Date Of Visit: 2017


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