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Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires


Do you remember that saying from the “Smoky The Bear” commercials? Well, it holds true today as much as it did when that commercial first came out in 1947. According to Wikipedia, it was created by the National Forest Service with artist Albert Staehle.

Almost Everyone Enjoys A Good Campfire

That being said, most everyone enjoys a good campfire. How else can you make smores?…lol. The problem is most people will go to bed long before the fire is out thinking it will just burn itself out. Most times it will but what about that one time it does not?

Hot Ashes/Embers

What about that hot ash that gets carried away with a gentle breeze. That small hot ash is enough to start a fire in a campground, woods, or any other place you are camping with trees or grassy areas around especially in a drought-affected area.

Make Smoky The Bear Proud

So take an extra minute before you go to bed and douse your campfire with a pitcher or two of water. You will sleep better and your neighbors and the surrounding area will thank you!!!

We hope this helps.

Is It Lit Yet?/Part 3


This is the last of our “Is It Lit Yet” series…I promise…lol. The last tool we use in starting our campfire is a propane torch. We have tried matches and long lighters, torches work the best.

You will need to make an initial purchase of a trigger and at least 1 can of propane. We picked up our trigger and a 3-Pack of propane on Amazon with free shipping. You will then be set for numerous fires with no worries.

No mess/no fuss, just break it out and light it up!!! Smores anyone?

We hope this helps.

Is It Lit Yet?/Part 2


We will get you to start a fire one way or another. This is probably one of the more expensive ways to do it but it’s almost guaranteed. We just recently tried these at our campsite in Colorado and were extremely impressed.

It is a small bundle with a string on each side. One string gets wrapped around a log to hold it in place. The other string is one that you pull on when you’re ready to light the fire.

Sounds Like A Cap Gun

When you pull the string it sounds like one of those old fashion cap guns (am I dating myself?) It says it will stay lit for 20-30 minutes and even light wet wood. It worked awesome for us!!!. We were impressed. We hope this helps you get your fire lit!!!

UPDATE- The string starters are getting hard to find but we found and used something called “Insta-Fire” and it’s even better!!! Just pour a little of the powder on the bottom of the fire pit and light!!! It’s awesome!!!

Is It Lit Yet?


Almost everyone loves a good campfire. We are no exception to that. There is nothing better than a good campfire to relax at after a long day.

There are many ways to light campfires. We have put a few tips on different ways to get your campfire going and today we are going to give you yet another way.

In the past, we have talked about using empty toilet paper rolls filled with dryer lint, paper logs, and now we will give you yet another tool. They are called fire starters.

No, Not Duraflame

No, not the old Duraflame logs you throw in your fireplace. These are little squares that you put into your firepit under your kindling and logs. You light them up and before you know it, you are roasting marshmallows!!! We have used these with great success.

You can get these on Amazon relatively cheaply. They come with 144 squares which should easily get you through the camping season. 

What Did I Do With Those Darn Keys?

Has this ever happened to you? You step outside your RV to sit outside and relax maybe have your cup of coffee. Ahhh, this is the life. You finish your coffee and get up to head inside and grab another cup. As you tug on the RV door, it doesn’t budge. That’s strange. I don’t remember locking the door you say to yourself.

Now what. You are outside and your keys are inside. Is the only choice that you hope to have left a window open that’s big enough to fit through? Not necessarily. I have two separate tips on this scenario. The first is much faster and easier than the second but either one will work.

Option 1

The first one is to get one of those magnetic key boxes and hide a spare key somewhere outside of your RV. You should do this as soon as you arrive at a campsite. That way you don’t forget. Then if you accidentally lock yourself out, you just grab the key from the hiding spot and you are all set.

Option 2

The second thing you can do, although this could take anywhere from half an hour to an hour and a half is to call your roadside assistance provider. Many roadside assistance providers include a locksmith benefit.

Either way, you will be able to gain access into your RV (or vehicle) without crawling through any windows or hatches!!! I don’t know about you but I would take option 1. Clearly much faster.

We hope this helps.

Are Those Marshmallows Ready Yet?

Finished Paper Log

Another Free Firestarter Solution

This is part 2 of last week’s tip. What I failed to mention when I told you about the dryer lint in the toilet paper rolls is that it burns fairly quickly. If you don’t have good small pieces of kindling, the lint might burn too fast and not catch the larger pieces.

Paper Logs

So what can you do? Good question. If you have some newspaper laying around you can make paper logs. This will help if you don’t have enough kindling. It will also help sustain a fire if you are short on logs. You can put the dryer lint down, followed by your paper logs and whatever amount of kindling you have and then your logs. Works every time.

Just Roll It Up

All you need to do to make them is take the newspaper, roll it into a log shape. Then take 1 piece of paper, keep folding it until it’s about an inch wide, then tie it around the paper log to hold the log together. Works every time. Now go ahead and enjoy your fire.

We hope this helps.

How Much Longer Until We Can Toast Marshmallows?

Toilet Paper Lint Rolls

Free Firestarter Solutions

How do you light your campfires? One thing we recently tried and had success with was something my buddy in Texas told me about. We tried it when we were in Alabama (there were no campfires allowed in the park we stayed at in Texas) on our way to Florida and it worked great and it’s free!!!

Dryer Lint

It’s dryer lint. Dryer lint is highly flammable. When you pack it in old toilet paper rolls they make the perfect firestarter. You don’t have a dryer in your RV you say? Neither do we!!! When we work camped, we emptied the dryers in the laundry room and kept the lint. If you don’t work camp you can always ask the campground you’re staying at for their lint. They might look at you odd but they will most likely do it. Hey, make my marshmallow burnt!!!

We hope this helps.

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