Camco 40631 EVO Premium Water Filter Review


Every RV owner should know that water supplies may have sediment in them. Over time this sediment can build up and start to wear away or clog your RVs plumbing. This may lead to costly repairs and time not spent camping because your RV will be in the shop. The simple way to reduce/slow down this process is by installing a water filter between your water source and your RV.

Camco Replacement Filter

While we use multiple filters on our setup, this was our first line of defense. It is easy to hook up and comes with one filter. The average stated life of the filter is one season. Everyone’s season is different. Some people camp only one or two times per year, some go every weekend, and some (like us) full time. The longer you leave water filters on, the more clogged they will get. This will reduce the amount of flow to your RV.

Our Set Up

This filter comes with the filter housing, one filter, an extension hose, Teflon tape and a wrench for opening the canister to replace the filter. We have had our filter for almost the entire 2 years we have owned this RV and have had no problems with it. Since we full time we change the cartridge approx every 6 months.

New Style Water Filter Stand

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Product Type: Water Filter
Brand: Camco
Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 13 inches
Microns: 5 micron
Available From: Amazon

Our Review Summary

Camco 40631 EVO Premium Water Filter

Overall Value
Overall Quality
Ease Of Changing Filter
Ease Of Set-Up

Final Thoughts

There were 2 things I was a little disappointed with and the reason I did not give this a 10 out of 10 rating. The first one was the extension hose was cheaply made and the second was there was no stand for the filter housing. We replaced the extension hose that came with it with one that we made with a better quality hose and we bought the stand which is sold separately. 



  • Works As Described
  • Filter Casing Well Constructed
  • Comes With Filter And Housing


  • Short Hose That Is Supplied Is Cheap
  • Does Not Come With Stand

2 thoughts on “Camco 40631 EVO Premium Water Filter Review”

    • We love our filter. I wish we knew about the plastic stand when we bought ours. I am not sure it was even available when we bought our setup. I saw them afterward. The plastic stand makes it much easier when the water spigot is in concrete or hard ground. We will probably be getting the plastic stand somewhere down the line.


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