California Roadside Oddities And Attractions

Welcome To California Roadside Oddities

One of our absolute favorite things to do when we are out riding around is to find roadside oddities and attractions. We have been known to make many a u-turn while driving down the road. This page will be dedicated to any roadside attractions we have found in the state of California.

It will be a constant work in progress as we will add new oddities and attractions every time we find one. Make sure you check back often for new updates. 

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Galletta Meadows Estate

Galletta Meadows Estate

Date Of Sighting: 2/28/19
Location: 1700-1844 Borrego Springs Rd
City: Borrego Springs

Comments: While riding through Borrego Springs we started noticing metal art sculpture signs and artwork. We decided to investigate. It turns out that there are miles of metal art sculpture along Borrego Prints Road. Although we didn’t count them, Wikipedia states there are over 130 separate sculptures.

Check Out Our Slideshow Below Of Some Of Our Favorites

TAOW Galetta Meadows

Plank Road

Plank Road

Date Of Sighting: 4/9/19
Location: Gray Wells Rd/Off Interstate 8
City: Winterhaven

Comments: Plank Road was first built in 1915. Maintenance and traffic quickly wore it down and a second plank was built in 1916. It linked Southern California and Arizona. It remained in use until 1926. That’s when it’s replacement, a 20 Foot wide concrete road was constructed by The State Highway Commission. In the 1970 with the road degrading badly, a group of volunteers created a monument to recognize the Old Plank Road.

Check Out Our Slideshow Below Featuring 18 Photos Of The Old Plank Road

TAOW Historic Plank Road

Twin Totem Pole #1

Twin Totem Pole 1

Date of Sighting: 11/15/18
Location: 301 N. Sorenson Ave (CA-111)
City: Calipatria

Comments: Coming back from the Salton Sea Ride, we were heading down CA-111 when we spotted these two Totem Poles outside of Archies Place. Archies place is a Mexican Restaurant.

Twin Totem Pole #2

Twin Totem Pole 2

Comments: This one was located next to the one listed above

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