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Bushkill Falls


Bushkill Falls bills itself as the Niagra of Pennsylvania. I don’t know about that but I do know we had a great time when we visited it. I was actually there 3 times. Twice with motorcycle groups and once with my daughter. This place never disappointed.

Mining Pic From Website
Picture Of Mining Courtesy of their Website
Entrance To Falls
Let’s Head In
Gift Shop Pic From Website
Picture of the Gift shop Courtesy of their Website

This is hiking at it’s best. They have laid the trails out with color-coded routes. Easy, moderate, and difficult or you can mix and match. They are not like wooded trails so don’t expect to be in the deep woods on dirt trails. They are boardwalk-style trails with lots and lots of steps. The biggest thing I can recommend for you if you go here is to wear comfortable shoes. Secondly, bring water.

They have a small cafeteria-style food place and of course the gift shop. There is a small museum of sorts with more gifts and books you can buy. They also have a small mining area out front for the kids.

Wooden Walkway
One Of The Many Cool Views You Will See From The Walkways
Just Awesome
You Can Never Have Enough Waterfalls
Side View

I would recommend you plan on being there for the day. Take your time on the trails to see some of the best that nature has to offer. Make sure you bring your camera. Although we did not do either of these things, they offer mini-golf and paddle boats for a small extra fee.

We Have Done Them All
A Trail Off A Trail
Walkway Near The Rocky Side

My final thoughts on this place are if you like nature, waterfalls, hiking, and want to sneak in some exercise (lots of walking and climbing…lol) this is a must-stop. Be sure to check out the website for updated pricing and events.

Date of Visit: July 2014

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