Bourlay Historic Nature Park


Before we left Florida for our trip to Texas, we needed to get the truck serviced. We chose a Ford dealer in Leesburg.

The morning we dropped the truck off, I followed behind Chris with the motorcycle. After all, we really did not feel like sitting at Ford on such a beautiful day. Once the truck was dropped, we did our usual google search for any lakes or parks in the area.

Sun Through Trees

The first one that came up was only a few miles up the road. Awesome we thought. Yeah, not so much. It was a neighborhood park with a few swings and a picnic table. Back to the searching.

Orange Things

We found another one that was not so far called Bourlay Historic Nature Park. So off we went. When we got close the GPS told us to make this turn onto a road that looked like it went nowhere. We did it anyway.

Old House

At the end of the road was the parking lot to the park. Like so many other parks in Florida, this one did not disappoint. There were picnic tables, nature trails, and a clean bathroom. Oh yeah, there were also Geocaches!!!

Bourlay Trail Head Sign

From the parking lot, you will see the restroom building on one side and a house on the other. Inside the house, they have historic photos and other informational pamphlets.

Bike Rack and Bench

The nature trails are non-paved but well maintained and at one point there is a dock that overlooks Lake Griffin. The trails are good for either hiking or mountain biking. There are exercise stations along one part of the trail.

Lake Griffin 2

Bourlay Historic Nature Park sits on 88 acres on the south side of Lake Griffin. It is owned by the Lake County Water Authority. There are about 2.5 miles of trails that take you to different areas of the property.

Bourlay Family Home Sign

I believe I also read somewhere you can rent kayaks by calling the Water Authority in Tavares. We only spent a few hours there and did some hiking and geocaching. Even though Ford called us and told us the truck was done, we decided to finish hiking and even had lunch at one of the picnic tables.

Palm Trees

If you are anywhere around Leesburg and want to get away to some peace and quiet for a few hours, this is the place.

Date of Visit: March 2017


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TAOW Bourlay Historic Nature Park

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