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Blackwater Heritage State Trail

What Is It?

The Blackwater Heritage State Trail is part of Florid State’s Greenway and Trail System. It is a paved trail which makes it perfect for walking, biking, jogging, and roller skating. There are sections of the trail that allow horseback riding. There are even sections where you can picnic and birdwatch. There are 4 separate parking areas where you can leave your vehicle and access the walking trail.

The Lockdown

Since we stayed an extended period of time at the KOA in Milton, we were looking for different places to get out and walk. The lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic just made it worse. We like to get out and walk at least once a day and quite honestly we were getting bored walking the same campground over and over every day.

Well, one day we were talking to one of the other campers at the campground and they told us about a walkway they found nearby. It turns out the section they told us about was only part of a 9-mile walkway!!! Score!!!

So It Begins!!!

Since summers in Florida are so hot we decided to walk the trail early in the morning. The first time out we found a small parking area just off of US-90 behind Cosse’s Corner Shack which is some kind of take-out fast food/ice cream eatery.

Dead End Street Parking
Parking Off Old Hwy 90

Since this was our first time here we made a rookie mistake. We crossed over a very busy US-90 and started walking the trail south towards the railroad tracks. It was a paved trail with a building that housed restrooms about halfway down the walkway. The reason I said rookie mistake earlier is that down near the end of the trail (or beginning, I will explain in a minute) as you cross over Old Rt. 90 which is a much less traveled road there are parking spaces on a nearby road that you can park on to access the trail. The road/parking area I am talking about is shown in the picture above.

If we would have parked here we would have been able to walk to US-90 (crazy busy) but instead of crossing over it we could have turned around and walked back to the train tracks. Walking from the train track end to US-90 and back gives you about 2 miles which is a perfect way to start the day.

Milton Public Library

On the next visit to this trail we parked at the same parking lot but this time walked away from US-90 towards the Milton Public Library. Adjacent to the public library was the Blackwater Heritage State Trail Visitor Center. The visitor center had limited hours and functions due to Covid-19 but on one of our trips (not this time), we were able to go in and look around. To walk from the parking lot at US-90 to the visitor center and back was about 2.4 miles.

Starting To Enjoy Our Walks Again

We were really starting to enjoy mixing up campground walks, Heritage trail walks, and Russel Harber Park walks. We try and make walking as interesting as possible. We even have a post on that called “walking doesn’t have to be boring” that you can check out. Anyway back to the Heritage trail.

Noting there was a parking lot at the visitor center we decided to start from there on our next visit. The nice part about parking here is that you can either walk back towards US-90 and get in your 2.4 miles that way or head the other way towards the next trail parking lot at Munson Hwy/US-191. This section is ambitious as it’s about 2 miles each way. So from the visitor center to the trailhead and back is 4 miles.

Munson Hwy Trailhead
Munson Hwy Trailhead

If you start at the Munson Hwy/US-191 Trailhead you again have two options. You can either walk to the visitor center and back which would give you 4 miles total or head the other way toward the final trailhead which is at Whiting Field, 87A /E. Gate Rd. If you choose to go this way you will be getting in about 9 miles out and back.

The last section of the trail (which we did not do) goes onto the military base. I believe you can still walk it if you want and it is a little over 4 miles out and back.

Final Thoughts

Now, of course with any start and endpoint if the amount of miles is too far you don’t have to do the whole section. You could walk/run jog or bike as far as you want and turn back. Each section has its own unique vegetation and scenic views. One thing you might want to bring is bug spray. After all, it is Florida.

We Have 79 More Photos Of This Walking Trail.

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Have you ever walked this or any other designated walking trails? If so, what was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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